True spirituality isn’t just going to the church on a Sunday and then coming back to the table, drinking booze. True spirituality isn’t asking God for help and then waiting, without moving a finger. True spirituality isn’t a document lying about in a drawer claiming that you’ve once attained the Eucharist or that the priest got you married. True spirituality comes about only then, when it is combined with materiality – when you’re walking through life by listening to your heart…


Every human being has a path that’s the most optimal for them and that path is shown by their heart. Many people are unable to hear their hearts – their minds won’t let them do that, as well as all kinds of blockages and programs.

Those, who are constantly looking around, trying to parrot other people’s models of success often get trapped in cycles of failure, since society is filled with programs, stereotypes, and false beliefs that lead one astray from their true path – the path of their heart.

Programs such as “you’re only worth something once you’ve graduated” bare huge influences: thousands of young people are choosing studies that aren’t needed for their heart’s purpose. Many people have professions, but aren’t using them and are associating their life with completely different areas… Either that or they work like robots while their work isn’t bringing them any joy. And since their work doesn’t bring them joy, life becomes dark and gloomy… Thus, millions of people, millions of hours, tons of time and energy are wasted, simply because of choosing a path without listening to one’s heart, which only leads to failure. It’s a big mistake to choose studies and career only for money, because, having chosen something that’s dear to your heart, there will be more money, since one’s potential then increases many times.

You learn much better and faster if you’re interested in something, work becomes more productive, and you become a professional in your area. If you really enjoy cooking, then go become a chef, instead of choosing law just because society values it. If you chose the latter, you’d have to spend your whole life slaving in an office instead of enthusiastically working in your own restaurant.

The most important thing is happiness: once you find a job that you like, you simply won’t need to work, it will be a pleasure for you to do it. Just think about what work you’d do that’s useful for yourself and for society if you had enough food, the clothes you like, a nice place to live and as much money as necessary. What would you do then? That will be the path that your heart leads you to take.

Still, many people are working for money, not realizing that money and many more amazing things will come, when they’ll start creating from their hearts. Fears can come up saying that you won’t succeed, that the chosen path is unprofitable or even useless. But it will all eventually work out if you’ll decide to walk this path fully.

Ask yourself daily: what can I do today, so I’d go towards what I really want? And do it without waiting for anything and without being afraid. The path of your heart is the only path to happiness, and all other paths are mere circles, in which you’re running around, because you’re not ready to step on the next step of development.

If for some reasons you’re not choosing to be guided by your heart, you’ll once again go back to the starting point. There you’ll have a chance to restart the journey of heart. You’ll get signs that will manifest in thoughts and different kinds of situations, such as diseases and misfortunes that will be guiding you to return to your true path. It’s up to you and up to you only how long you’ll be walking around your purpose for which you’re here on earth. It’s only up to you to decide when you’ll simply start walking the straightest path of your improvement.

Listening to one’s heart is the first step to TRUE SPIRITUALITY because that’s how we create goodness for ourselves and around ourselves. Those, who create by sacrificing themselves, live in an illusion that they’re creating spirituality and they give themselves out like that, thus becoming weak. Strong are those, who create good for others, but also do so for themselves, realizing that their goodness and the goodness of the world are interdependent.

The 4 levels of creating:

  1. Not being able to pursue your goals, complete drifting.
  2. Pursuing your goals without integrity towards others.
  3. Trying to live as positively as you can.
  4. Trying to not only live positively by yourself, but to also create good for your town, country, the whole planet, its people, and nature. All of this is our environment, and when our environment is moving toward improvement, so are we.

Our improvement is always happening according to these stages, which include many tiny sub-stages, which include many more daily situations that need to be resolved with your heart – that’s the only way for true growth and improving.


Every human being comes to Earth in order to create something here. If one chooses to create with her heart and do Divine deeds, God gives her the necessary abilities to fulfill them. One of these abilities is inner seeing. Inner seeing is clairvoyance and anyone can have it. With the help of seeing, one can see the effect of every cause, and, in this way, create a positive life.

Seeing is the road map of life, by which roadblocks on the path of life are eliminated, sometimes blockages in the future, that we won’t even have to face. By seeing past lives and realizing the undivine deeds in them, we avoid karmic lessons which we’d otherwise go through in this lifetime. Every action has a reaction, and only by understanding our actions of past lives, can we truly change the direction of our lives in a way that is truer to us.

Each misfortune, illness, and bad luck have a reason to them, and by realizing the reason we may eliminate them. That gives life a completely different meaning.

The world isn’t just a physical body. It’s made up of many different layers, and the physical tangible layer is only one out of many. Since it is seen without the help of the third eye it is often thought to be the only one. Yet, people are afraid of that, of the subtle world, afraid of what they don’t understand, afraid of the unknown. But only by stepping into the unknown can we develop greater knowing.

The man-made comfort zone, that the world is a certain way and not the other, brings no good. If a person sticks his head into the sand, it doesn’t mean he’s not affected by what he doesn’t see. Sometimes he is indeed affected by it, and very strongly, too.

Seeing is not only meant for protecting yourself from bad things, though. Its main purpose is creation: everything that we create in the physical level first appears in the subtle realm. Thoughts and wishes have already been created in certain subtle levels and the reality of those levels is going down as an elevator would go down the floors of a building, all the way until it reaches the first floor, which is, of course, very familiar to everyone: physical level.

It’s said for a good reason, that “our thoughts materialize”, but definitely not all thoughts do, because in some subtle level they get stuck for one reason or another. Blocks that hinder our wishes coming true may appear for all kinds of reasons, such as different choices made, when pursuing a wish, consequences of past lives, fears or even our own wishes clashing with someone else’s… And these are just several reasons out of many possible ones, because of which you cannot reach their goal.

With the help of seeing, one can see how to eliminate the interferences that hinder the reaching of the goal on both subtle and physical levels.

  • Why did I come to Earth and what am I to do here?
  • Why has my life turned to a certain direction, and what to do in order to turn it around into a more positive route?
  • What to do to find a life partner that would be the best companion for your life?
  • How to cleanse your karma?
  • How to reach your goals?

You can answer these and many more questions by simply recovering your inner seeing, which, because of not using it for many lifetimes has simply atrophied. Kids often have leftovers of seeing, but even these leftovers are soon gone because it’s categorized by adults as unnecessary fantasy…

It depends on you and only you whether you’ll start to truly see or continue in the journey of unknown…

Rokas Jarašius