Karma. There are over 7 billion people on earth – some are lucky, others – misfortunate, some are healthy and some are sick… When life’s going well, when everything is going great, people feel like they’re living in harmony, however many of them are afraid inside, that the harmony can someday end. They are living in uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring: sickness, misfortune, pain… many people, many lives, many stories… How to live to have a happy story?


The harmony and peacefulness of life is very much dependent upon karma. Karma is a derivative of past actions, the effects of which affect us. Each action has a reaction, by doing good, we get good, having done evil, the evil returns to us – that is a law of the Universe. A human being comes to life to realize something, to learn, but more often than not, people who come here not only don’t complete their purpose, but also cause a lot of harm, which later comes back to them as diseases, misfortunes, poverty… Then, when the person is reborn in another lifetime, he has to do not only the goals of life, but also to realize what he’s done in the past life and why he shouldn’t act that way, because otherwise karmic lessons are received for the behaviors of past life. It is said, that all kinds of experience is good, but, in reality, without understanding, experience is mere history. All the tests that have been sent to us, to show that something needs to be realized on the way towards our life purpose, otherwise we won’t achieve it… If we don’t understand the signs that are shown, they lose their purpose, thus they become stronger, so that attention would eventually be paid by them and the reason for them appearing realized. The longer the person doesn’t accept it, the more she increases her negative experience, instead of which she could just live happily. It happens, that a person’s life purpose with which he came to earth is to know a disease, poverty or other hardships, but by being conscious, cleansing one’s karma, goals can be changed and learnt through more pleasant things. Many people have heard about family’s karma or country’s karma that affect not one, but many beings.

KARMA OF THE FAMILY is when many relatives are affected by a certain negative effect, e.g. almost all the men in a family are alcoholics. A woman who’s grown up in such a family with an alcoholic father seems to have made a decision to not choose a man who drinks. And still, a man comes to his life, that even if he’s not a heavy drinker, he later becomes one later in the relationship. This happens, because the first woman of the family, who started the chain of events, didn’t realize the cause of why she attracted such a man into her life. She transferred the programs and stereotypes, with which she attracted the man to her kids, and they to their kids, etc. In this way, because of certain stereotypes, programs and blocks are present, there can also be diseases in the family that repeat themselves, that are often simply thought to be inherited illnesses. If a person manages to find that program, block or stereotype and understands it, then no family karma can touch him. It depends only upon you, whether you’ll continue baring the burden of karma or be free.


Karma of the country embraces the people who live in that country, e.g. occupation of the country. The citizens of an occupied country were born and live there not just accidentally, but because from that situation they must understand why this happened to them, why they ended up at the occupied country. If most citizens of the country realize that, occupation moves away, if only some people realize it, the occupation begins to have less and less of an impact on them. Such opportunities appear, that they get an possibility to go off to another country or start living such a full life, that they’re not feeling the occupation anymore. An interesting example is the karma of the Native Americans. When the Europeans came to North America, it was strongly colonized. Their lands were taken away and the locals were put into reservations. The Native Americans experienced a strong pain, seeing how their nation was being destroyed… In this case Karma worked in a way, where most of the main colonists were later reborn as Native Americans and felt by themselves what it means to live in reservations, and what it means to see and feel your nation and its traditions dying off… However, at this point the Native American wisdom is more and more acknowledged, which helps the traditions live on.


Karmic cleansing starts from the wish, from an outspoken intention to go towards the light, towards the positive. To start cleansing karma, especially karma from past lives, first one must stop building it up in this life. You can do that even now, no need to keep putting it off. Stopping to build it only makes life only lighter and easier.  Forgive yourself for everything that you feel guilty about, apologize to yourself for all the bad you’ve done to yourself, accept yourself as you are, send yourself love, surround yourself with love. Forgive everyone, who you feel have hurt you: your family, friends, enemies, politicians and employers – everyone you can think of. With your thoughts apologize to everyone, who you feel you’ve hurt, send them love. Do all of this from your whole heart and you’re sure to feel a relief, because you’ll be freed of a part of the burden of karma. It can be hard to forgive yourself and others for certain actions, but by forgiving you will set yourself free from the grip of the negatives that are stopping you. We must finally realize that everything that happens to us is a consequence. Those who acted in a negative way towards you are simply signs that showed that you lived in a wrong way, thus attracting them with your wrong behavior, so there’s no need to be mad. Be grateful for those signs. If you’ll manage to send some love to them that will be a proof for you that you’ve forgiven from your whole heart. Take responsibility for yourself, because no one is guilty for what happens to you, that it is only a consequence of your own actions, how you are, that’s how your environment is, that’s how your life is. Start observing yourself, your actions, thoughts, words, your behavior with others, look at yourself, at your surroundings,  sometimes from a detached point of view, as a neutral observer and you’ll see how everything depends on your own behavior.


The next step is closing of deeper situations that have happened during youth, childhood or even past lives. It’s not a mere game, it’s working on yourself and you must be very responsible with how you look at situations. The situations that are being closed are only the ones that affect life negatively at this point. Closing these situations would increase the quality of your life. We can only view the past life situations that we’re capable of closing. All we need to find in them is the essence, which is needed for us at the moment, because many of us have lived many lifetimes, with even more important situations that have happened during the, so our whole life may not be enough for viewing them all. To close means to understand what was wrong in there and what to do, so that it doesn’t affect us negatively and the  received knowledge would even help. The Universe is made in such a way that you can get everything you want, but we must be ready for it, otherwise it will harm us. So if we have a goal, we must go a certain path until we reach it. Having gone, we’re ready to receive our wish. Closing past lives isn’t an end, it’s the means to an end, and the end is a harmonious life. If you skip a certain stage, you will be unable to close a deep situation, and when it rises from the depths to the surface, it comes with a lot of negative, which was experienced there and will affect negatively, if you don’t close the situation. It could cause different health problems, so it’s very important to do it all step-by-step:

1. A wish, an expressed intention to move towards the light.

2. Taking responsibility for yourself. Everything that happens is merely a consequence of our actions.

3. Observing yourself and your environment in order to get rid of negative energies.

4. Recovering the seeing. Each person is psychic, just not everyone knows it, realizes it and accepts it.

5. Working with past life situations.

Each person chooses how to live. Some create a negative experience, without having any problem about it, others try to live positively, and others to fix the mistakes of their past. I chose the third option and my life turned from hopeless to great. There are no wrong paths, there is only a choice of how we’ll learn – through the negative or the positive.

Rokas Jarašius.