SOULS ACCORDING TO THEIR NATURE (The second part of the article sequel “Deeper Into the Secrets of the Universe”)

Every one of us is born in some society, and each society has its system. Our first goal of coming to this life is to get to know this system, so we’d learn how to live in it. But a time comes in one’s life, when something within wakes up and you start to realize that the system is missing something, that something is not as it should be.

Then, oftentimes people get disappointed and start criticizing the system… But that ‘something’ that we feel is missing in the system is actually our own fulfillment and meaning of life. It’s just that not many people understand that the absence of fulfillment isn’t the system’s fault or anyone else’s fault. It’s just a sign that you have already completed your first goal of life, getting to know the system, and a new stage of life has begun.

The next stage is the ability to awaken your soul and spirit, and to start feeling your spiritual heart. When that’s done, you will start to understand and see much more than what’s been crammed into your mind to make you forget your true nature. Allow yourself to awaken and you’ll find fulfillment in the journey of truth.

In order to understand this article better, you may want to read the following 2 articles first, since this one is their continuation:




Each soul is either of masculine or of feminine nature. The souls that are of feminine nature are reborn as women most of the lifetimes, and masculine souls are usually reborn as men. Sometimes souls awaken in the opposite sex than their true nature, and such women are more masculine, and men – more feminine. Such rebirths are usually responsible for one’s wish to change their gender or their attraction towards someone of the same sex.

That happens because the soul can’t accept this life’s incarnation. In such situation one needs to figure out, with the help of inner seeing, why the soul is getting this lesson and what needs to be learnt from it. When that’s done, the soul settles down and accepts its current incarnation. And the overabundance of masculine or feminine energies can be used by purposefully following the path of one’s heart: in that way you’ll pick the activities which will allow you to actualize yourself fully. The energy we don’t use in life, turns into negative energy and manifests in life as all kinds of trouble.

In the article “Father, Divine Halves, Soul Twins, Creators, Primal Source” I wrote about the Divine halves of souls – one of the halves is always masculine, and the other is feminine. To expand on the subject, I’d like to mention that the appearance of the divine halves was very much needed to maintain the connection with the egregores of light and darkness, and I described this connection in the first part of this series – “Deeper Into the Secrets of the Universe.”

Each soul, before coming to Earth would split into two parts, that is, two Divine halves. One of the goals of this splitting was to limit the possibilities of souls because, without the splitting, the soul would have greater abilities. Souls with great abilities didn’t fit the project “Earth” because with their abilities they’d simply get out of the wheel of karma, and thus the connection of the egregores of darkness and light would lose the negative energy that was necessary for their merging to eventually happen.

When souls would split, they’d experience a great pain and sadness, and these negative energies were serving to maintain the connection with the great egregores. Between 2012 and 2016, when the egregores of light and darkness have connected, the energies got very much freed up, which caused a greater opportunity for people to heal from illnesses, to find their true path and set themselves free from all kinds of suffering.

This information may be hard to realize for some people’s minds, but it’s not to be realized with one’s mind, but with one’s heart and soul. I’ve worked with many people who have had health problems or other kinds of problems related to the processes described. Realizing the true causes and starting to live in harmony with the Universe made the problems go away.

Below, I’m sharing an uncut recording of a consultation where I was working with someone on the processes described. The person I’m consulting is a young girl that has health problems. Even during the consultation her health starts improving and when she goes to the doctor few days later, they find the disease is no longer present.

To Check Out the Uncut Recording of Consultation With Amira, Click Here

She has sent me these echoscope pictures a week later, showing the cyst was gone:


Souls can also be grouped by the function they were created to perform on Earth.

  1. The egregore of humans’ souls
  2. The egregore of reptiles’ souls
  3. The egregore of three-eyed souls
  4. The egregore of angels
  5. The egregore of the dark ones

People of each of the egregores can be reborn with a human body, and their nature doesn’t have to be human. When looking at one’s subtle body, those whose clairvoyance is well developed, can see which soul egregore someone belongs to. For example, a human’s subtle body looks almost identical as their physical body. The subtle body of reptiles is a mixture of a human body and a lizard’s body. The subtle body of the three-eyed ones is similar to their physical body, except much brighter than the body of the souls of human nature. Also, their third eye is marked with the following insignia:

The subtle body of angels is brighter even than that of the three-eyed ones, and it also has wings. The subtle body of the dark ones is dark and sometimes slimy.

In order to see subtle bodies, it’s very important to not have any hostility towards any of the 5 egregores. In other words, it’s important to be completely unconditional towards them. Those who are not unconditional usually can’t see the subtle bodies, or just see illusions. That’s because of Mother Earth’s protections. Inner seeing has to be used purposefully, and not for creating negativity once some information is seen. The purpose of clairvoyance is to be a tool for removing obstacles from one’s path of heart.

In previous articles I’ve written about people’s Divine team. Every part of the Divine team – the soul, the spirit, the heart, the highest ones, and the mind all have certain functions and responsibilities in our being. When each of the parts of performing its responsibilities 100 percent, harmony appears within us. This mini-model was used to create a much greater model – the whole egregore of Earth. All the 5 egregores of souls made up the Divine team of Earth’s egregore.

The Mind of Earth’s egregore were the reptiles. The reptiles were created to only follow their mind, they weren’t able to follow their other parts. They were created like that in order to perform their role in the plan of Earth – to be Earth’s mind. Such guidance of the mind throughout the lifetimes has formed the soul’s subtle body that I have recently described. The three-eyed ones were the highest ones of the egregore of earth – they were created to follow only their highest ones, thus they couldn’t follow their other parts either. The spirit of the egregore of Earth are the angels. The spiritual energy of angels is of pretty high vibrations, that’s why they were the ones chosen for this task.

The soul of the egregore of Earth are the dark ones. The dark ones do whatever they wish, of course, as much as higher powers let them. Those, who do only what they want in life, instead of doing what they should be, are following their souls, which sooner or later leads to degradation, darkness, and the subtle body of the dark ones reflects that.

The angels and dark ones used to be the same beings. The now angel used to be the bright side of that being, and the dark one was their dark side. Each angel has their own part among the dark ones, and the dark one, in the same way, has their other side, which was once separated, among angels. This splitting of beings happened when mother Earth was being created. Its function was to have bright parts that maintain a connection with the egregore of light, and dark parts that maintain the connection with the egregore of darkness. When reborn as human beings, angels and dark ones have the opportunity to regain their parts and become a full being once again.

The heart of the egregore of earth are the souls of human nature. These are the youngest souls that were created when earth came about. They were underestimated by other parts because of their lack of experience, and blocked them in this way. Human souls were afraid to lead the Earth’s egregore forward and would dispose their responsibilities to someone else. That’s how the Earth’s egregore lost its path of heart, and without it, all paths only lead to pain.

All the parts of the Earth’s egregore Divine team would compete among themselves, would not take up their rightful place in the Divine plan, and would not take all of their responsibilities. That’s why this project has failed.

In 2012, when some energies got freed up, opportunities for a new project appeared, which is slowly gaining momentum. The goal of this project is that every soul out of the 5 egregores would be able to follow their heart. That’s why souls can now untie themselves from any of the 5 named egregores, and become a conscious being.

You become a conscious being, when you’re listening to your heart and are able to direct every part of your Divine team to perform 100% of its responsibilities. When that’s done, your subtle body transforms and becomes bright and beautiful. In my practice, I’ve worked with people from all of the 5 egregores, and I have seen myself how their subtle body is changing for the better. Then these people start feeling much better in their day to day lives.

I have noticed how online there’s a lot of negative information about some of the named egregores. I don’t think that’s the right outlook. I always have the attitude that there are no bad or good people, there are only those that are affecting us negatively. And someone who’s negatively affecting me is my responsibility, and I must find the reasons why I attracted this situation, to find what I’m not doing right in life, and what to do to have it change. Life’s lessons are a sign that we need to fix something in our lives. That’s a law of the Universe, and blaming someone else for your own stuff only makes life worse.

Here are a couple of stories from my own life about how absurd negative attitude towards others may turn out to be.

The first story is how people who consider themselves spiritual still get hooked on negativity. On Facebook I’m on a few self-improvement groups, where I sometimes share information on my upcoming seminars. In one of the groups there was a video with a young man who is negatively talking about reptiles. A discussion arises in the comments about how bad and scary reptiles are and that they should be destroyed, etc. When watching the video, I saw the guy himself is a reptile and is sucking off people’s energy by getting them angry. The anger was a passage within them, through which the reptile soul could get to their life energy and suck some of it off.

The second story is about a girl and her loving aunt. The aunt has been interested in spiritual practices for a long time, and from all kinds of articles had formed a negative opinion about reptiles. Her niece had a psychic disease, and that’s why the aunt came to me. Many reptiles receive lessons like schizophrenia, zika virus and other psychic diseases, in order to unplug their mind, so they’d also learn to hear other parts of the Divine team. It turned out that the beloved niece was one of the so-hated reptiles.

Of course, when the woman has found out, how she saw reptiles completely changed. By being conscious, with my help, she was able to help the girl become more conscious as well, which dramatically improved her health. So those of you who still tend to be hostile toward some of the egregores, consider that it may be the members of your family, your best friends, or even you yourself.


  1. Set out an intention to become a 100 percent conscious being.
  2. Ask Father and Mother Earth for all of your parts to be transformed to those of a conscious being.
  3. Check through your heart if all the parts of your Divine team are performing their responsibilities and functions 100 percent. If they aren’t, ask Father and Mother Earth to send you the necessary realizations of what to do so that your parts would perform their responsibilities and functions 100 percent. When you receive the realizations with the help of inner seeing, look through them and realize them, fulfill them. It may be that after you asking to receive the necessary realizations your Divine team will receive them and restore its proper functioning, and the realizations won’t need to be seen. That’s why, after the realizations, check through your heart if the functions of the Divine team was completely restored.
  4. Let go of lifetimes for automatic closure that need to be closed right now and that have to do with the 5 egregores.
  5. Apologize to them for competing with them, fighting them or affecting them negatively in some other way. Forgive yourself and them for it. Set out an intention to cooperate with those who your heart will tell you to cooperate with, instead of basing your decisions on programs you’d caught somewhere. Ask all the programs about the 5 egregores to be canceled out by your divine team, and set out the intention to discern truth with your own heart.
  6. If there are any situations that weren’t closed automatically, then go through them and close them.

See you at the other parts of the article sequel “Deeper Into the Secrets of the Universe.”

Rokas Jarašius