A person’s body is reflecting their life. Every part of your body is more or less reflecting an area of your life.

The major causes if illnesses as reflected in the body

The head reflects one’s relationship with Father (God). Frequent headaches indicate that one is not able to receive from Father the necessary realizations and energies for improvement.

Nose, sense of smell, hearing, ears, taste, mouth – the ability to receive all kinds of energies from the Universe.

Neck – one’s channel with the Father.

Spine is the foundation of one’s life. You have to choose the right goals in your life because if the goals you set are too small, then the foundation of your life will also be too small. Creations built on a small foundation lean on one side, which manifests as pain in the back, rupture hernia and other spinal problems. In addition, goals that are too great also burden the spine.

Nerves – the energy from the Father is received through the main spinal nerve. We receive it through thoughts and signs, but definitely not all signs and come from Father. We generate some of it ourselves, some of it is sent from other people, some of it by other forces. You should selectively inspect that information and accept only what is the most suitable for your development. The nerves that are all over our body reflect the information you’re sending out to others.

Blood – spreading the love outside.

Lymph – actions performed on subtle and physical levels.

Belly – the relationship with Mother Earth.

Skin and nails – protections.

Hair – protections and channels that are on the subtle levels that are connecting us with people, animals and all kinds of egregores.

Intestine, defecating – letting go of old energies, the ability to release unnecessary things.

Urination – the flow of energy in one’s life.

Kidneys – the distribution of energy in one’s life.

Liver – relationship with the dark ones.

Heart – motivation, intuition.

Lungs – new winds in life.

Stomach – the ability to overcome daily challenges and situations.

Sexual organs reflect masculinity and femininity.

Left arm – doing on the subtle level.

Right arm – doing on the physical level.

Left leg – moving forward on one’s path of life on the subtle level.

Right leg – moving forward on one’s path of life on the physical level.

Hands, fingers – diligence.

Toes – the ability to change one’s direction in life.

Feet and thumbs – balance in life.

Joints – flexibility in life.

Bones – self-created rules of life.

Muscles – love for oneself and life directions chosen either correctly or not.

Sinews – the ability to calmly accept all kinds of life situations.

The information that is shared hair is not entirely precise, because true causes of illnesses can only be seen with the help of one’s inner seeing. I wrote this article for the people who still haven’t restored their inner seeing, so it could be the first tool to realize the causes of illnesses, by noticing what area of life you’re stuck in.

Rokas Jarašius.