There ARE millions of people around the world who have all kinds of illnesses, and most people have no idea about their true reason. Not knowing the true cause of an illness and not eliminating it really makes the healing process more difficult or even leads to death. People often come to me asking for help with health problems, and I help them, by teaching them to see and eliminate their true causes.  And, by eliminating the causes, people start getting better or completely heal themselves. So I’ll mention the most common repeating causes of some diseases. Of course, every sickness is unique and the true causes can be seen only with the help of inner seeing, but I think that knowing the most common causes, can help many people on their path to well-being.

The main reason of this disease is the inability to receive man’s masculine energy. This disease often begins from cysts and myomas are a sign that masculine energy is blocked inside you. Energy should flow freely through our bodies, and lack of love from the husband, disappointment in him, sexual abstinence in the family and a few more negative things makes the masculine energy that comes from the man stuck in the woman. As a consequence, the stagnant masculine energy in the woman turns into cysts and myomas. Cysts and myomas appear, when, because of stagnant masculine energy the first chakra gets stuck. When the first chakra is completely clogged up, it usually pours out to the heart chakra, which results in BREAST CANCER. Another thing that happens, if one doesn’t fix the flow of energy is a spilling out of energy to all of one’s structure, the consequence of which is infected lymph and tumors appearing throughout one’ body.
Dear women, pick only the men you truly love, accept your men as they are, because there aren’t any perfect ones. And we can change our life only by changing ourselves.
Dear men, try to improve and take care of your family so that your woman trusts you and would hold to be a true family man. In this way, you’ll help protect the health of your loved ones.

This disease usually appears because of man’s inability to receive feminine energy. Because of not accepting the woman you’re with, feminine energy gets stuck in the first chakra, thus stuffing it and destroying man’s manhood.

The most common reasons: not accepting yourself as you are, not accepting your partner as he or she is.

They appear, because of not listening to the voice of your heart and the inability to walk the path of your heart. Inherited heart diseases usually are a consequence from not listening to your heart in past lives.

This illness is usually a consequence of a wrong relationship with the dark ones in past lives, which is usually associated with using black magic. The dark ones are devil, demon, devilless and snake.

Blood problems have to do with not radiating love. Non-love towards one’s environment, people, nature, country etc. have a strong negative effect on their blood.

Often people have headaches from unused energies that they receive from the universe to create with their heart. Fears, comfort zones, set programs and other things that stop one from creating with their heart, block the energies that are sent from the universe, and blocked energy pressures your head, which in the physical level manifests as a headache. If a good idea comes to you, don’t stop it, make it happen. Also try to realize yourself 100% every day, to improve. In that way you will improve the energy flow in yourself, and with a good energy flow your health will be better as well.

Life built on wrong values, wrong chosen life goals. Life values and goals are like a foundation. If the foundation is wrong, then it can’t hold all the energies received from the universe. And in the physical level that manifests as spine related illnesses.

Life is lacking flexibility. Most likely in some places you’re being hard-headed and trying to overcome obstacles by sheer force, instead of by being flexible and conscious.

Being’s self-destruction mechanism is turned on, because of wrongly chosen life values that endanger the human population.

Because of all kinds of blocks new winds don’t come to life. New winds are new opportunities, new ideas.

Some kind of misunderstood life situations that are on the surface. Deep situations are usually from the past life, surface ones are those that have happened recently.

At some stage of one’s life, they’ve experienced or are still experiencing a heaviness in their organism or a shock. Organism sweetens itself in this way in order to be sweeter, because of the hardships and shocks experienced.

Tonsillitis is how organism protects itself from negativity. It happens, when negative energy from ourselves or other people enters our organism. By surgically removing the quinsy, protections are also removed, and then the negativity easily enters the deeper organs, too.

Things that are hindering improvement aren’t let go of. That can be attachments, holding on to people that hinder our improvement, holding on to an old job that doesn’t improve you and many other things that make the being’s evolvement more difficult.

Too high or too high environmental vibrations.

In these days many children that are allergic to too low vibrations in their family and in their environment are born. By bringing more positivity into it, things can start to get much better.

They occur because of unused energy. Children usually get them, because of unused energy of their parents.

Children in the subtle level often take on their parent’s negativity, trying to protect them in this way, but they react to the absorbed negativity much more sensitively, which causes common sicknesses.

A disease is a bodily signal that we’ve done or are now doing something wrong in life. By accepting the signal and realizing its causes, the person will getting well.

We get flu, when another person transmits their negative energy onto us. Negative energy is transmitted unconsciously and can only enter us if we have passages. If we don‘t have any passages, we’re unperturbable to other people’s negativity and it can’t enter us. Passages are our actions that violate or have violated the laws of the universe. Passages can be closed with the help of inner seeing.
Most often negativity in flue shape is sent by forces that do this do this to achieve certain ends. But, as I mentioned, without having any passages, such negativity can’t infringe upon us.

When several painful places or different kinds of injuries appear on  the left side of our body, these injuries are related with the wrong way the being is moving forward in life on the subtle level.

Same thing with the right side, except that thee injuries show the being is moving forward in the wrong way on the material level.

They show a person’s negligence of certain area or areas in his life.

Rokas Jarašius.