The recovery of seeing starts from the path of heart. This listening of the heart is the sixth sense, the intuition that guides towards correct decisions. The next step toward the seeing, is starting to communicate your Divine team and collect it. As I mentioned previously, the world isn’t just a physical body, so also a human being is a great entity with many parts and layers, not just physical, but subtle ones, too. Many people hold parts of one’s entity such as soul or spirit to be something mystical and don’t even consider that it is also necessary to communicate with them to become an integral and whole being. These 2 parts of our being are a part of our Divine team.


  1. (Spiritual) Heart.
  2.  Soul.
  3.  Spirit.
  4. The Highest Ones.

HEART – it’s the part of our entity that shows the direction where our Divine path leads us. The heart never lies, thus, by learning to listen to it, we can check everything in life through it, and, in this way, make the best and most truthful decisions in this way. The voice of the heart can only be felt. The heart doesn’t speak with words, unless it may through the other parts of the DT, then they act as a channel of transmition. Sometimes the voice of the heart is associated with attachment to intimate partners or other people, to jealousy or other types of negative energies. In reality, in the heart there’s only unconditional love, that guides the being toward the light, and the negative energies can come from the mind, other parts of the soul, but never from the heart. Negative energies overwhelm the heart, and it becomes more and more difficult to feel it.

SOUL is a part of the DT that reincarnates and has the experience of many lifetimes, thus, when communicating with the soul, one can already see past lives, and by realizing what’s happened in them, a person can clean her karma. The soul, differently than the heart, speaks not only in emotions, but also in words and images. The soul reflects the feminine part of our being, its positive energies are sensitivity, care-giving and flexibility. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re a man or woman, your essence must be balanced with masculine and feminine energies, otherwise perversions occur and cause physical and emotional disturbances. Of course, if you’re a man, there should be much more masculine energy, and if you’re a woman, more of the feminine. But you may restore the balance that’s the most suited with you only with seeing.

SPIRIT. If the soul is the feminine part, the spirit is the masculine one. These two parts of the DT are strongly interrelated, and, when time comes, when the being has matured, they combine. Then, a strong harmony is felt. The spirit inside us resembles strength, toughness and persistence in tackling obstacles of life and in pursuing goals. The more persistent we are with our goals, the more firmly we’re walking our path, the stronger our spirit is. An imbalance of the soul and the spirit reflects in our characters. If the soul starts dominating, it overwhelms the spirit. Then the positive qualities of the spirit are replaced by whining and self-pity… And when the spirit takes up more room than it should in the being and starts performing the functions of other parts of the being, then flexibility, conditionlessness and strength are replaced by hot-headedness, stiffness and attachments… The spirit, like the soul, can communicate with us not only in feelings, but also in words and images.

THE HIGHEST ONES – the connection with the highest is the last one that’s made in the Divine team, that’s when the person has already decided to walk the Divine path, when she is already working harmoniously with his heart, soul and spirit. There are a number of the highest ones in the being. Their number depends upon the evolvement of a human being, when walking toward the Divine path. The greater Divine works we’re doing, the more of the highest ones God sends to help us, and, with them, needed abilities, too. The universe is so full, that our mind simply can’t comprehend many of its parts, especially the ones that are new, unfamiliar. And the highest ones can transfer information from high subtle levels in a way that we can realize it. The heart checks the correctness of this information, and when we use all that we find out in our lives and it works, then our mind starts calming down, too. When the connection with the highest ones is restored, seeing increases vastly and the subtle levels are seen and felt even more.

Each part of our being has to take its place and perform its functions. Harmony and fullness is felt only then. In order to restore balance in ourselves, we need seeing. In order to restore seeing, we need a well seeing person to make our DT speak and teach us to communicate with it. When a person is walking on the Divine path, a time comes, when he can help not only himself, but also see other people’s structures and the causes of the consequences of their lives. Theoretically, one can learn to get their DT communicating, but, practically, it’s very difficult, because in this and in past lives there have been situations, because of which, all kinds of blocks that block seeing and one’s connection with DT have been put in place. Then it’s simply impossible to take them off without the help of someone who sees. What cooperation with the Divine team is, is addressing a part of it or even all of it through thoughts, where right answers to important questions are received: the causes of the effects are realized and it’s found out what’s the best way to behave in each different situation.

Combining spirituality and materiality is the secret to a successful life, it’s the path to the fullness of life. However, most people are unable to find the balance between these 2, which leads to extremes… In India, Tibet and most Muslim countries, spirituality is one of the main focuses, because of which people no longer see the depleted materiality of their country – starvation, poverty and polluted water often become the daily realities of these lands. The man is a creator and the woman materializes that, which the man has created. If there is no balance between the masculine and feminine energies, perversions come about, which is strongly reflected in the named countries. Since women are underrated in these countries and, since feminine energy is the energy of materialization, it doesn’t matter how much of their time they spend in prayer, in meditation or flying around in the astral levels, their spirituality still doesn’t increase, and their families starve, because the true spirituality is the balance between spirituality and materiality. In the west, the opposite is the case – many people focus on the other extreme – materiality, because of which different kinds of perversions come about: completeness isn’t felt, and the space that spirituality would normally occupy in one’s life, people fill with other things: alcohol, drugs, computer games, pointless staring at the TV, and that leads to degradation… Drugs cause an imbalance, and society has a program leading to think that they help relax… One relaxes only then, when he or she feels peace in their soul and in all of their being, which only happens when in balance. Internet is a subtle level that’s the closest to the physical level, and the players of internet games are like those yogis – flying around in the clouds, in there, using so much energy, that in physics there’s no time or strength to create…


Rokas Jarašius.