The 3rd part of the article series “Deeper Into the Secrets of the Universe”


Every region of the world has a religion that is the dominant one there. By investigating various spiritual practices, I’ve realized that the source of every religion is the same, only that different information was presented to different regions, based on the energetics of the energetics of those times and on the level of people’s understanding in different areas. It makes sense, since giving a realization that is of too high vibrations, and which people wouldn’t understand, would be pointless. The best solution then, is to spread the knowledge that isn’t that clean in their information, but which would raise that society one step higher, on the way to the path of improvement.


The events of many ages show that religious beliefs often lead to a fighting one another. Many wars, deaths and pain was caused by religions themselves. Why does that come to be? Why would the things that should be leading towards improvement lead to pain? Of course, it has to do with competition and the absence of the realization that each and every one of us has to choose their own direction of improvement, in both the spiritual and the material, by following their heart, and not some programs or dogmas. There may be various types of programs, for example, programs that my parents are Christians, and for that reason I also have to be. But, in truth, we all must follow not the paths of our parents, but only our own paths. Your true path is shown only by your heart. The inability or unwillingness to listen to one’s heart is what leads to negative consequences. Each person, by choosing the right path with their heart, will also choose their faith or practice, which, according to its clarity, will be the most optimal for the soul’s improvement. The people, who aren’t following their heart in their life, but, instead, different religious dogmas or programs, fall into the trap of certain forces that start manipulating them. Let’s remember the crusades. It is just another example of programming people with the help of religion. In this way, certain forces directed people to die for their own benefit. The main cause of why people have received such a lesson is that they were listening to other people, but not to their hearts.

Similar events also occur these days. Everybody has heard of about the force that has arisen in the Arab world – the Islamic State. People there are also manipulated by forces that are using the name of God as means to certain ends. These same dogmas that different people interpret differently in convenient ways, also leads to death. It’s not God that needs those deaths, but the people who are not focusing on their improvement, the path of their heart, aren’t fully using the energies they receive from the Universe that is meant for the path of their heart. And the consequence of these things is war. If you don’t use the energy that is meant for the path of your heart, it becomes negative energy, which manifests as misfortunes, illnesses, and when a lot of this unused energy is globally present, then situations such as war, plague and other types of pandemics are drawn. The Universe will always be sending us the energy of improvement, and it depends on us and on only us whether we’ll use this energy for the positive or for the negative.

If in your life you’re following your heart, you’re a CREATOR!

If not, you’re an INSTRUMENT for somebody else to create…

This law of the Universe really is working on the subtle level on everyone who is not following their hearts – somebody is standing behind them and directing their life in ways that are beneficial to those forces. It may be dark forces or bright forces, it may be certain egregores or the creators of the soul – there are innumerable options of who might direct your life if you don’t follow your heart, and only by following your heart will you make the decisions most optimal to your improvement.


I think you’ll all agree that Jesus Christ was an extraordinary person. With his coming to earth, a large part of people’s faith has changed. I will discuss the upsides and downsides of Jesus’s coming to the world. And I’ve come to this attitude by observing the egregore of Christianity with the help of my inner seeing, as well as investing religions by reading all kinds of holy books. If we compare the energetics of the old and the new testaments, we will see that the new testament’s vibrations are much higher. This can be realized even with the mind, by reading the Bible.

The old testament:

“He who spills the blood of another man, his blood will also be spilled, because man is built in the image of God.” The book of Genesis, 9, 6

“He who beats a man to the extent of death, is also punished by death. But if he hurts the man – life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, scar for scar.” The book of Departure.

The new testament, Christ’s word:

“If someone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Mt. 5, 38-42.

“You have heart that it’s been said ‘love your close ones and hate your enemies’. And I’m telling you ‘love your enemies and pray for your persecutors in order to be the children of the Heavenly Father.” Mt. 5, 43–45.

In the quotes above, one can clearly distinguish the vibrational differences of the old and the new testaments. Thus, the mission of Jesus was to bring in the brighter vibrations at that time, and that’s definitely good. But the downside of Christianity, is that just as the rabbis of Judaism were unable to accept the Christ, so now the world of the church cannot accept new truths, because they’re following the interests that are useful for them, or blindly following the Bible, instead of following their hearts. Even if at these times Christ appeared in the physical body with new truths, maybe he wouldn’t be crucified, but I think that he’d definitely be slandered and rejected. It is simply inconvenient for the mohicans of the church to change the system that they understand and that they are the kings of. The energies in the universe are constantly changing, and with the changes, the outlook on God, faith and religion must change as well, and get deeper and deeper. The clarity of information can be checked through one’s heart. And the information should be taken not just blindly from books, but also through one’s inner seeing. Jesus Christ has been crucified for his truths, and certain works of Tomas Aquinas were hidden for centuries. Martin Luther King almost got away from being killed, and these are only the ones who managed to make the religious information somewhat purer. But how many were those who were unable to do it, and were burnt at the stake as heretics. I’m not saying that all of them have led towards a deeper and clearer truth, but I’m saying that there definitely have been those that have. And all of that is the same problem of people – their inability to listen to their hearts, which led them to become the prey of the manipulators of crowds. Each of us must find the Christ within ourselves, by following the path of our hearts, which leads to the awakening to the real truth.

One of the downsides I see in Jesus Christ’s teachings is that it was too bright. Of course, it is very convenient to commit many sins and then easily say that I’m giving them away to Christ – this, indeed, was to the liking of many people, but karma does exist and it will affect everyone, no matter if we try to cast away our negativity onto someone else or not. From my own experience in consulting people, I know how negative the consequence of avoiding our responsibilities are, and our sins are our responsibility. That’s the law of the Universe, that everyone has their own true path, and in that path their responsibilities. Jesus was also subject to that law. Every day God gives us an opportunity to choose whether we’ll take on our responsibilities and become bigger and bigger with them, or whether we’ll be trying to avoid them, which would lead to unpleasant consequences. After the Christ’s sacrifice for the sins of the people, Europe descended into grim middle ages. Where certain times called the dark ages have occurred, and are still a complete mystery. The middle ages was the stagnation of humanity’s improvement, and one of the main reasons for it was the global renouncing of responsibilities onto someone else. Before Christianity appeared, there were advanced civilizations such as the Atlantis, later Egypt, Greece and Rome for some time, too. These places had their wise men, such as Plato, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius and others, who spoke about laws of the Universe, and, based upon them, led them to a brighter tomorrow. The improvement of some of these men was based on stoicism, which is a philosophical sphere, in which people would try to understand the Universal laws deeper and deeper. And Christianity has almost completely eradicated it and it has almost completely disappeared. Of course, it was much easier for people to give away to that where you don’t need to investigate deeper, where you can simply throw away your sins onto someone else without realizing their true causes, or simply to buy an indulgence and your sins would be forgiven, and the unrealized sins would be continuously repeated. It is possible to go make confessions for a hundred times, but if the sins are still being repeated, it doesn’t mean a thing. By realizing the sins, their causes and not doing them, our life changes for the better completely. God doesn’t need our church confessions, but our complete improvement, and when you’re doing it, you’re starting to feel strong help from God.

In the middle ages, improvement was being hindered, and many of those who wanted to bring in something new have been burned on fires as heretics… Often people are afraid of the unknown, which leads them to attach to old dogmas, but only when one goes to the unknown, can greater knowing appear. Wanting to do things easier, wanting to renounce your decisions for someone else to make, to lead you, instead of following one’s own heart is what’s lead to greater difficulties, to a global bearing of the cross, which is perfectly illustrated by the middle ages.


In the previous part of “Deeper Into the Secrets of the Universe” I’ve discussed about the main egregores of beings on Earth. I’ve also mentioned that one of these egregores is the egregore of the bright-eyed ones that is signified with this symbol:

If you look around, you’ll find it in all kinds of churches, as well as by inspecting the doller. And it is no one else but the bright-eyed ones that are behind Christianity. This symbol is also known as the all-seeing eye. Indeed this eye can see a lot, but it is definitely not the eye of God. The ones in the top ranks of the egregore of the bright-eyed ones have created a church system with the help of which they can suck off the energy from many people. With the help of all kinds of actions, programs and rituals people’s energies of life force, money, improvement and even inner seeing are being sucked off. They take people’s inner seeing and collect it into one place, thus forming the all-seeing eye. Through this eye they then observe the world and the processes that are taking place in it, and they make the decisions for controlling it. One of my main life’s goals is to help people to restore this ability of inner seeing from the egregore of the all-seeing eye and learn how to use it by following the path of one’s heart. During a ritual like the ritual of christening, the connection with Father is cut off, and the inner seeing is taken and leaked into the egregore of the all-seeing eye. Oftentimes, before christening children are able to see all kinds of creatures of the subtle levels, and after christening their inner seeing goes away. But you cannot really say that this system is bad, because it is not only taking, but it’s also somewhat protecting people. It all depends on the maturity of their souls. If their soul is mature, then it has to take on more responsibilities. In this case, it is like in one’s family. A baby that is just born cannot be given responsibilities, because he or she is simply incapable of fulfilling them. When the child grows, certain responsibilities start appearing, such as tidying up their rooms, listening to their parents, and later on school gives even more responsibilities, and, even later, university and work, until finally they untie themselves from their parents and become independent. It’s the same with the nature of souls. At first, the people who don’t believe in God and don’t realize him, are like babies being born in a family, and behind them there still are certain forces that are controlling their lives. The more mature souls do believe in God, but don’t follow the laws of the Universe, or blindly give themselves to a religion. And the most mature souls still, who choose the path of their improvement through their own hearts, know how to handle not only the physical level, but the subtle level as well. Christening is a contract, in which, in return for safety, inner seeing is given away. But, in reality, if you are not walking the path of your life correctly, no egregore can protect you from karma.

When a person becomes ready, they have to return the responsibilities for their lives from angels, religions, Mother Earth, Father or somebody else whom he or she has given them to. And with the responsibilities, certain abilities also come back that are needed to fulfill the responsibilities. Some people are afraid of subtle levels, others have programs put on them that this is nonsense or some sort of mysticism, but it is a reality, which is an inseparable part of every person’s life. And no matter if you’re accepting the subtle world, denying it or running from it, it is affecting everyone nevertheless.


The cross has 4 sides, and each of them reflects the elements of the earth. The upper side is the element of air, the middle left side is that of fire, the right one is that of water, the bottom one that of iron, and their intersection is the element of earth. In my article “THE ELEMENTS IN OUR LIVES” I have mentioned what each of these elements stand for. The element of iron stands for experience, rules that are set in stone. The element of air is responsible for new ideas, new things and subtle levels. Out of the disproportionate lengths of the bottom and top sides, you can see that the rules that are set in stone are overpowering the element of air, the consequence of which is that it’s more and more difficult for new things to come into the world, and seeing the subtle levels is completely not discussed in Church, even though that is exactly the way in which the Bible has been written. Of course, how can they be talking about inner seeing, if it is taken during the church rituals. Balance would be reflected by a plus sign or even a swastika. The sign of swastika was used by ancient Lithuanians and it would reflect the balance of those days. The upper part of the swastika is equal with the other ones, and that reflected the information the Lithuanian sages would take from the subtle levels, which they would pass on to people. After Hitler’s raving in the world that he was executing under the symbol of the swastika, it has become known more of a symbol preaching evil, not balance. But the history of this sign and its energetics is much deeper than the one that has painted it in the colors of the war…

The cross also symbolizes suffering. Many various programs have been put in place that have to do with the baring of the cross. For example, that everyone has to carry their own cross. But we come to earth not to bear crosses, but to improve and grow. And when people choose to bear a cross, then the energy of their improvement is sucked off by those who are responsible for programs such as this to be put on as many people as possible. By taking off crosses from people on the subtle level, and clarifying the causes for which they’d been put on them, people become relieved. They stop feeling the pressure that they’d felt before, body pains that had to do with this thing disappear.


I think that Mary, the mother of Christ was a great woman. But I think that her greatness was used by certain forces that I have previously discussed. Before Mary came to be, many nations would worship Mother Earth. It was also worshipped by the ancient Lithuanians – pagans. Mother Earth radiates material energy, and a person that has a good connection with Earth can create many more things on the physical level, that is many more tangible things. In Christianity, Mother Earth pretty much is not discussed and she has been replaced with Mary. Putting Mary in Mother Earth’s stead has resulted in cutting off many people’s channels with Mother Earth. And with a channel that is cut off people received less material energy, and as a consequence they were able to create much less. The forces that were responsible for the project of exalting Mary, took the energy and, in this way, became rich. Mother Earth is now displayed as a lifeless object, but she is an alive and conscious organism, and when we restore the connection with her, health gets better, one becomes more successful, greater possibilities for creation occur. The church of Rome is a project created to suck off and control people. Now is the dawn of the ending of this project, but these same forces have created another very profitable project – the banking system. And thanks to it, countries are becoming more and more in debt, while the people who are standing behind this system are becoming richer and richer… But banking is a whole other topic.


Where there is consciousness, there are no rituals. A ritual is a programmed set of actions that is done the same again and again. Why doesn’t it match up with consciousness? Because in consciousness there isn’t the programming to make the same action again and again. In consciousness, at any point in time, you choose with your heart that action that is the most optimal according to the energies of that time.

In Christianity there are plenty of rituals. I’ve already discussed one of them, the ritual of Christ. The next one, and, I think, one of the cruelest ones, I’ll discuss now. During this ritualize, people visualize wine turning into blood, and a cracker made of bread and water turning into body – and that’s nothing but cannibalism. Very similar rituals are used in black magic, and those who have added them here, have definitely understood them and what effect they have.

The physical level is the 0 level, and above it are levels that one cannot see with one’s eyes. Some of these levels are given names, like the spiritual level, the mental level, the astral level etc. But I’m simply putting them into numbers, +1, +2, +2… +150, and, in total, in the system of Earth’s egregore there are 150 plus and 50 minutes levels. The plus levels go above the physical level, and the minus ones – below the physical level. The last minus levels, -40…, -50 are hell levels, in which the world of hell is formed. People, through many lifetimes, by doing negative things, leave parts of their souls in those minus levels, which leads to difficulties moving forward in further lifetimes. By making a ritual that resembles drinking blood and eating body, certain parts of people get into minus levels, which makes it harder to move forward in the path of life.


Prayers have a strong power, but in consciousness, they also don’t exist. Praying, or begging, means asking for something, or exalting something or someone. But one of the laws of the Universe is that everyone gets that for what they’re ready. Thus we can ask as much as we want, but if we’re not ready for it, we won’t receive it. In consciousness, there is the connections with Father and Mother Earth through which you receive the realizations for achieving your goals, if these goals are coming from your heart. In this way, we become ready for goals, and we fulfill them by living out certain realizations that are clearly leading towards a goal. Sometimes, when begging for a wish to come true, and not being ready for it, certain contracts are made with entities of subtle levels, or, in this case, with the egregore of Christianity, and for this contract you give away something of your own. And that wish may seem like nothing compared to what you’d have to give for it. In the Universe nobody gives anything for nothing, thus it is best to go through life by following your heart, and, in this way, to help the Universe grow, improve, and for that, it will send the necessary energies to carry out your goals.

Worshipping means exalting. And the energy of prayers is the energy of exaltation. And when they’re spoken one may be exalting God, maybe several beings, or even a person. In consciousness there is no more exaltation left, because we are all equal in the Universe. There is no higher path, lower path, everybody’s paths are different, and that’s why they’re equal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s God, a deity, a homeless person, a president, a simple worker, a bug, a plant or an angel – we’re all equal, and that’s why we instead of exalting, we should cooperate. If you exalt someone, then you’ll diminish yourselves, and as a consequences there will appear more people who want to diminish or humiliate you, because that’s the place where you put yourself, in the eyes of the Universe. If you’re diminishing somebody, then you’ll karmically receive a lesson, where you’ll be diminished.


  • Even yourselves out with everyone in the Universe. Feel with your whole being than there’s no one who’s above or beneath you.
  • Ask Father and Mother Earth to put on you the needed protections, and prepare you for this work with the egregore of Christianity.
  • Ask your DT (divine team) to let go the situations for automatic closure that have to do with the egregore of Christianity, and that need to be closed at the moment.
  • Then ask your DT to show to what extent you’re bearing the cross, and in which situations it was put. Then ask Father and Mother Earth for the necessary realizations on how to take off these crosses, and solve the situations that have arisen 100 percent. Ask for the point to be shown in the situations that have arisen, and go on realizing them, until the heart feels that you have taken off the cross. If more than one situations have arisen, then put them into the divine quarantine and ask to be shown the one that needs to be closed first, in this way, they won’t double and will be easier to close.
  • Look through what contracts you have made with the egregore of Christianity and, by realizing them, cancel them out.
  • Ask your DT to let go all the situations for automatic closure with the egregore of all-seeing eye, and return all of your parts from it.

When reading this article, there shouldn’t be any negativity arising, neither towards Christianity, nor towards me. If negativity is arising, it means that you’re not ready for this article yet, and, at the same time, not ready for consciousness. Consciousness isn’t about dividing into the good and the bad, it’s the realization that if I am affected negatively by someone, it’s a sign from the Universe that I’ve done or that I’m doing something wrong, and I need to fix it. Christianity in itself isn’t good or bad, it is as it is with its upsides and downsides. Thus, the information that’s discussed in this article shouldn’t be forced onto other people, because it is meant for those who are ready to go into consciousness and look into, and handle the deeper part of their lives. Christianity at the moment is needed to millions of people, because it is their step towards improvement, which must not be skipped. But I am feeling and seeing that more and more people are emerging, who do need the information of consciousness, and who do want to realize the deeper truth, beyond all religious dogmas, but by feeling it out through their heart, and opening their third eye. Thus, one must not say that the path someone has chosen is wrong, because all of our paths are unique.

If you are conscious, don’t be afraid, to go to the church. Because, for instance, I’m a father-in-law. If some of your close ones dies, I participate in the mass. Because consciousness isn’t going against something. It is just doing what your heart’s telling you to do. And one doesn’t need to change everything inside out or go to the extremes. Sometimes it’s enough to close the passages through the inner seeing that would otherwise affect you negatively. For example, sometimes it’s better to baptize a child than receive a huge amount of negativity for not baptizing them, which really could hurt you. You just need to prepare for these rituals on the subtle level, and then your channel with the Father will not be cut off, the inner seeing will not be taken away, and a cross will not be put on you bear. It’s the most important to be tolerant, flexible, conscious and act in every situation in a way as you should act. That is what I wish for you all.

See you in the other parts of “Deeper Into the Secrets of the Universe”.

Rokas Jarašius.