Sooner or later, we all face death. Death touches us inevitably, by taking our loved ones, and, at the end of the life, us too. But in reality death isn’t the end with nothing after it. I think many of you have heard about souls that have not left, about scary ghosts, or, perhaps even felt the presence of a dead one yourself. In this article, I will discuss how the zone, called life between lives looks, and what is happening in it. This period of souls’ lifetimes is called like this because at that time the soul has already lived the incarnation of that lifetime, but still isn’t reborn in a new one. That is a soul’s life without a physical body.


The souls that haven’t left get stuck on the reincarnation process for one of these 3 main reasons: the first one is that they have to perform some kind of a mission that’s been given to them by higher forces; the second one is much more common – it is that they have received this kind of a karmic lesson for some negative actions or unrealized things in the life they’ve lived; and the third reason, the most often one, is that they are very strongly attached to something on earth, and aren’t letting go – either that or someone who’s still alive is not letting them go. In order for the souls who haven’t left to be in earthly energies, people’s life force is needed, otherwise they’re going down to dark minus levels, where it’s much harder for them. Souls that are preparing to be reborn, on the other hand, are rising upwards, because they’re getting the high vibrational energy from the Father that is needed for rebirth. Souls, by rising up through the plus levels, cleanse themselves, look through the lived life, realize the completed goals, as well as the false choices made in life. In the LEVEL +150, the souls choose, with the Father’s awareness, new life’s goals and the karmic lessons to come.

(The physical level is the zero level, and above it are levels invisible with physical eyes. Some of these levels have names, such as the spiritual level, the mental level, the astral level etc. But I just call these levels by numbers – +1, +2, +1… +150 – and in the system of Earth’s egregore there are 150 plus levels and 50 minus levels. The plus levels are above the physical level, and the minus levels are below it. The lest minus levels -40… -50 are hellish, where the world of hell resides.)

Almost all the souls that don’t want to or are not able to be reborn make up the egregore of ancestors. The egregore of ancestors is a hierarchical structure on top of which are the souls that know how to masterfully control subtle energy. Usually, these are souls which in their previous life used to do magic or in some other way have mastered clairvoyance. Such people can change life’s events without the physical touch, thus, when they die, their possibilities are greater than the rest of the souls. Since they are able to best affect the changes on the physical level, they are usually at the top of this system. One can notice that people who do magic usually are receiving energy from the egregore of ancestors, but in this way subtle contracts are agreed upon with it, which after death will hinder the soul’s reincarnation process, by trapping it in the egregore of ancestors. Of course, the soul will probably be reborn, but it will be missing certain parts, and some will be left in that egregore, and such person will hardly find fulfillment in life. And these parts can be returned only with the help of inner seeing, by finding out the causes of what happened in that lifetime. I have noticed that the bodies of the people who do magic are dried up with very little life force. That is the case because for magical energy the egregore of ancestors takes life energy, which is needed for it in order to be as close as possible to the physical world. If you often feel shivery even in a warm place, if you feel a suppressed chest, as well as often dreaming the dead, then they are around you and they’re trying to contact you in this way. These souls need to be helped to leave because it’s not without a reason that they’re contacting you. They’re doing so because your energy is strong, and because of strong energy, you can help them leave, or, otherwise, they’ll suck some energy out of you. In order to help souls reborn, you need to have clairvoyance and with its help to find out what causes are stopping them from leaving, and by realizing those causes 100 percent by yourself, send the realizations to that soul. A soul who hasn’t left, accepts the realizations only in that case, if you realize the reason why it’s not leaving, as it relates your life, one hundred percent.

In order to clarify how these processes are taking place, I will describe a couple stories from my own life, where I’ve helped souls move on in their reincarnation process.

One summer day we were preparing for my sister’s children’s baptism. Guests got together, later we baptized the children and had a great feast. After the ceremony, when we got back to celebrate, one of the participants told me about disturbed souls that are in their home, who would rumble in all kinds of ways, throw things around, and in similar ways mess up the family’s peace of mind. Their family lived in an old building, which used to be a millhouse. While searching for the reasons of why the uneasy souls were there, they had gone to a clairvoyant woman. This woman said that the uneasy soul is the soul of the millhouse keeper (by the way, the young kids in the family were also able to see the souls that lived there and describe their states, how they’re feeling etc.) and the clairvoyant advised them to put in some food into a dish once in a while. After the food was put for that soul, after the night, the dish and the food were all over the place, but the soul would be calmer for some time. After hearing this story, I told them I could help, because soon enough the food offerings won’t be enough and they’ll want something bigger, and if they don’t receive it, they’ll start raging again. By looking at the energy of the home, through distance, I saw that there was not only the soul of the millhouse keeper, but four more souls. The presence of the millhouse keeper in that house made the home’s energy more heavy, which caused it to be a good environment for the other lost souls to establish themselves. When I looked at why the reincarnation process of these souls is stuck, I saw that the soul of the millhouse keeper won’t let go of its beloved home, and the other souls have received this lesson because why they were people they had focused only on physical things, and wandering around in the subtle levels was supposed to teach them the lesson that not only the physical world is important in life, but the subtle world as well. What they didn’t do in life, they needed to do through the negative experience after the life. Since I didn’t have the things in that area that I needed to let go of, and I was focused in my life not only to the physical world, but to the subtle world also, I was able to send them the necessary realizations. By receiving them, they were able to continue the process of rebirth, they were rising up through the plus levels and after some time were reborn. After sending my realizations, I told the teller of the story that when they get back home, it will be calm. She reacted politely to my answer, but not with a lot of hope, which is normal, since she had tried so many things and nothing’s really helped. After a couple of days I received a long letter, in which the woman was sincerely thanking for the changed energy at home. The sounds were gone, the things stayed at their right places, and, as soon as they got home, the children said that the previous inhabitants were gone.

The second story is related to a woman who came to me for a consultation. She was saying to have a clutched chest and to feel a cold within. By looking at the causes of these illnesses, we’ve found out that it has to do with her recently dead brother who was found killed by someone. The woman couldn’t accept her brother’s death, thus she didn’t let go of this situation. The woman clinging on the situation was preventing the man’s soul to leave and become reborn, and, as a consequence, she would lose her life energy, which would leak to the brother’s soul, and she would receive a part of her brother’s death energy. This prolonged situation has attracted more wandering souls for which Jane (the name was changed) was a donor of life energy. Jane attracted this situation because she wasn’t able to let go of her brother’s death that had seemed meaningless at that time. It is always like this in life. If we don’t realize what we need to realize, the Universe is always sending us lessons so that we’d realize it. This has also happened in the case of this woman, when she didn’t let go of her brother. The situation was felt physically only a little bit, but she didn’t take any actions, thus attracting the other souls, which became hardly physically bearable. Jane had no other choice but to look for a person who could help her. By realizing the causes of her brother’s death, she let him go and, in this way, the soul could continue the process of reincarnation, and letting go of the brother caused the other souls to go back also. After solving this situation, Jane started feeling much lighter, and she could once again enjoy her warmth within. By the way, this woman is very spiritual – she would go to churches, monasteries and self-help seminars, but these things didn’t help her solve the problem. It needed to be looked at more deeply.

I have noticed that people who do magic often recommend strengthening the bond with the egregore of ancestors, asking their protection etc. But I don’t approve of it, because for these requests (that sometimes are actually fulfilled) we are sacrificing ourselves to the egregore of ancestors itself. A person should receive realizations from Father and Mother Earth, and, in life, follow his heart. In that way, a person is moving optimally with the energies of the Universe and that is much greater protection than ancestors. Subtle contracts with ancestors stop our evolution as beings, thus weakening our moving alongside the Universal energies, which leads to negative ends.

In the old Lithuanian faith, paganism, there is also a strong connection to ancestors. With the help of inner seeing, I was investigating why it was that the ancient Lithuanians had chosen the path of such a strong cooperation with ancestors. And I saw that it was a project, with the help of which, it was tried to prosper even more. The souls of the dead were responsible for managing the subtle levels for the good of the nation, and the souls of the living were responsible for managing them on the physical level. But this project didn’t succeed, because, the people, while being alive had to know how to work on their subtle levels, and such distribution has broken the laws of the Universe. By looking at the deep causes of why paganism has gone almost extinct, I think that this is one of the main ones. Also, the nation of Lithuanians, as a result of getting souls stuck in the egregore of ancestors, has a constantly decreasing number of people.


People who end their lives by a suicide usually want to escape the current reality. But it is impossible to run away from problems. Since, sooner or later, they tend to catch up, because that’s a law of the Universe. The Universe sends us every disaster in life not without a reason, but so that we’d accept it, and, by accepting it, realize why we had received it. That’s the only way the problem can disappear. Suicide is also not a way out of the problem. In fact, it only increases the problem. When a person tries to escape from the present difficulty, they get into even heavier vibrations and goes even lower down to minus levels. Everybody who has taken their own life, by doing that immediately makes a contract with the dark ones, that as he leaves this reality, he will get into their reality. And, in that reality, the dark ones, do whatever they like to the soul, and the state of being alive with the difficulties is immeasurably better than the state one is forced to endure there. The soul remembers this experience in the previous lives, and usually discards the option of sicide. After the death of the person who has taken his own life, how long his soul will spend with the dark ones depends on how long the contract states. It is usually 10-20 years, but it sometimes is 100 years and more. After the time has passed, the soul starts rising up to plus levels, in this way cleansing itself, and, eventually, being reborn. Sometimes, one can help such soul to be reborn, but only when the helper realizes all of his suicide lives 100 percent by himself and sends the realizations to the suffering soul. The right realizations cancel the contract and the soul can once again move towards rebirth. The soul of a suicide doesn’t belong to the egregore of ancestors. It belongs to the egregore of dark ones.


Sometimes souls aren‘t reborn because they have to carry out goals given by higher forces. That is a pretty rare scenario, because these missions are usually given to one‘s spirit, not soul. The soul lives many lifetimes, and the spirit is formed anew in every life. The spirits of people who are important to the Universe, especially those of rather spiritual people, often don‘t return to the primary source for transformation, but remain to perform important tasks on the subtle level, through which they are also strongly affecting the physical level. These missions are usually given by angels, by other spirits that are carrying out missions or by Father himself. Such acting spirits are of some saints, like Jesus Christ, Mary, king Salomon, the Buddha, Babaji and many other people who were important. When studying these people‘s teaching, or through certain spiritual practices, many people really feel the spiritual energy of these people, which is a sign that the spirit of that teacher is with you and is helping you to improve. What teacher to choose? In who‘s spiritual energy to be? And should you go with somebody else‘s spirit or not? Answering these questions is your responsibility, and for the answer to be correct, you have to choose it with your heart. Because each person’s path is different, and thus there can’t be a one-size-fits-all answer, and the real answer lies in your heart.


A medium is a person who can let in another spirit into his body, and through him the spirit can channel its information. Why do some people have such abilities and others don’t? A medium is somebody who in some past lifetime had reached the highest state of enlightenment and after it decomposed into light. The structures of such person’s subtle body change after the decomposition, gaining new abilities. Of course, with the new abilities come new responsibilities, which are often not easy to take in in the beginning of a life. They often seem scary, because they are hard to realize. Such people often want to forget about this ability as soon as possible and remove it from themselves. That is the result of the socium that has set boundaries of what is and isn’t real, of what is and isn’t normal. But, because of such boundaries, the Universe completely loses the people who are important to it, who, with their impeccable abilities could very much contribute to its prosperity.

Possession is a similar process as in the case of a medium. Only that the medium lets in a high vibrational spirit, and in the case of a possession comes a soul of low vibrations or different other low-vibrational dark elements. In case of a possession, it will never be a spirit possessing the person, since after death, spirits decompose (unless it has a further mission, which would be received only by the spirits of very bright people that would never do possessions. Possession always has its cause. And, when the cause is realized, it may be removed. Sometime I had a thought of how some exorcists of Christianity are able to remove possession without finding out the cause. It appears that they only work in those cases, where the cause of the possession is not believing in God. And, during the session of exorcism, a person receives God to himself, and the possession goes away. That is a common reason, but definitely not the only one. And it is almost impossible to help the one being possessed without clarifying the cause.

FOR SEERS (don’t do it without first opening your third eye)

  • Let go of the lifetimes that need to be let go of with the egregore of ancestors for automatic closure.
  • Check whether any situations have come up that need to be closed by consciously looking into them and realizing their negative causes. If any situations had come up, close them by 100%.
  • Ask your divine team to send the necessary realizations to the egregore of your family’s ancestors. In this way you will help a part of them be reborn and ease the energetics of your environment.
  • Look if there are any souls that haven’t left that are sucking off your energy. If there are any, then check what is not allowing them to be reborn and realize that cause fully.
  • Let go of the lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with your parts staying in the minus levels and in the plus levels. Ask for all of your parts to be returned to you to zero level. Ask Father and Mother Earth to send the necessary realizations to the returned parts, about how to take up their part in your being, and what their responsibilities are after returning.
  • Ask Father and Mother Earth to ground you as much as is needed right now.
  • Prašykit Tėvo ir Motulės, kad jus įžemintų tiek, kiek reikia šiuo metu.

There is another important topic that has been left not discussed. That is a topic about helish levels. It is quite broad, so I‘ll discuss it in one of my future articles. More alongside the Universe, and be strong, full of energy, healthy and happy.

See you in the other articles!

Rokas Jarašius.