The 4th part of the article series “Deeper into the Secrets of the Universe

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There are 9 main planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each of these planets has a function to carry out in the project “Earth”. In this article I’ll discuss how planets function among each other on the subtle level.

The solar system is a system intended for the improvement of beings. Improvement in the solar system starts at two planets: Pluto and Neptune. Souls from dark places of the Universe come to Pluto in order to prepare for rebirth on Earth. The souls who learn nothing on Earth, even in the hellish levels, also go to Pluto, and it’s like a step backwards on the journey of the improvement of the souls. If the souls continue not improving, then they go back to the dark layers. The souls from the bright parts of the Universe go to Neptune, and here they prepare for going to Earth. The vibrations of these souls are very high, and in Neptune their vibrations are reduced in order to fit the energetics of Mother Earth. On the other hand, Pluto, there are souls whose energetic vibrations are very low, and here they are raised in order to be suitable for the Earthly vibrations. Sometimes it so happens that a soul that has been to Pluto, and before that it had been to the darker layers of the Universe, and it later gets to Pluto, and after that even to the dark layers of the Universe. This happens because the souls are not able to improve in the vibrations and choose to know darkness in this way, and, after knowing it, they go back to Earth.

Transmission stops of the souls going from Pluto and Neptune to Earth are Venus and Mars. In these planets the to-be human’s gender is formed. It’s said not without a reason that men are from Mars and women are from Venus because the souls of to-be men form in mars, and those of to-be women in Venus.

Once a soul descends onto Earth, Mother Earth creates it a body. God the Father gives it spirit, heart and the highest ones. The mind, the logics, the subconscious and the conscious are created by Father and Mother together. When a person is created, then starts his path of improvement on Earth that lasts for many lifetimes. The spirit, body, the highest ones, mind, logics, conscious and subconscious are given to a person for one lifetime, and the soul, as well as the heart, are given for all the lifetimes. Learning of Earth consists of five stages:

  • THE STAGE OF APPREHENDING MATERIALITY. This stage consists of two parts. In the first part, the souls are learning to conceive the importance of materiality through poverty. Before coming to Earth, the souls are without a physical body and materiality barely has any influence on them, thus during their first lifetimes, through poverty, they realize the importance of materiality. In the second part of this stage, the souls live the lives of fighters and soldiers. Many close ones die in the environment of these souls. And often even they themselves lose the physical body in their lifetimes. The purpose of souls that are in this stage is to learn to protect and value the physical body.
  • THE STAGE OF DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALITY. Since, in the first stage, souls realize the importance of materiality, in the second stage they’re then learning to properly distribute it. In this stage, people live a series of financially rich lifetimes. If the distribution of materiality is completely incorrect, then karma returns to the first stage in the following lifetime, or sometimes in the same one. In order for the allocation of materiality to be appropriate, people must focus not only on their own benefit, but also see a global benefit for the humanity.
  • THE STAGE OF SPIRITUALITY. In this stage, a person renounces their possessions, and delves into himself or herself, in order to get to know their true nature. Askesis is inevitable at this stage and separating oneself from the society is truly necessary in order to get to know oneself and God. In this stage, a person finds their spiritual teacher that guides them on the path of improvement. Cleansing from one’s dark parts takes place, while, eventually, one dissolves into total light. Such souls liberate themselves from the karmic circle of Earth. They ascend and travel to Jupiter, where preparation to move towards the Sun takes place. Ascended masters, also known as the ascended lords gather in the Sun. They are beings that have passed the stage of learning on Earth, and with their knowledge are helping the whole solar system to improve. These are beings such as Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Babaji, Sai Baba…
  • THE STAGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. This stage started in 2012. The events of why and how the stage of consciousness has occurred are described thoroughly in the first part of the article series “Deeper into the Secrets of the Universe”. All the time, from the beginning of the creation of Earth, the highest state that was possible to achieve in it had been spirituality. In 2012, this situation changed and now the highest state is there, where our hearts are taking us. Consciousness is a combination of materiality and spirituality. How is spirituality different from consciousness? While in spirituality there’s askesis, in consciousness, a person goes into the society (the system) and changes it from within. While, in spirituality, one is guided by a spiritual teacher, in consciousness one is guided by his or her heart. While, in spirituality, one focuses on observing, in consciousness one focuses on creation. While in spirituality, materiality is refused, in consciousness, it is necessary in order for creation to take place. While, in spirituality, one cleanses of one’s dark parts, in consciousness both bright and dark parts are assimilated, in order to be bigger and to be able to create more – one is learning to direct them to follow the path of one’s heart. While, in spirituality, beings that cleanse themselves of their dark parts are ascending, on the subtle level, in order to dissolve into light and be able to control the Universal processes, in consciousness, one learns to do that while in the physical body and on earth. Consciousness is a new stage, and souls are coming from all parts of the Universe to learn it, including the ascended masters and angels.

Sometimes, it so happens that the whole civilization cleanses itself of dark parts and ascends. That has happened with parts of the civilizations of the Mayans, the Toltecs, and the Atlanteans. When this happens, these communities go to Uranus where they prepare to go to Jupiter, and from Jupiter to the sun. Such transitions take hundreds of years, and, sometimes, thousands of years.

Mercury is the transformer of negative energy into positive energy. When on Earth there is too much negative energy, its overabundance is transferred by angels to Mercury. Here it is shone onto by the ascended masters from the Sun, in this way, transforming the positive energy, which angels then return back to Earth. The more people become conscious, the better they’re able to deal with energies. The more people are able to deal with energies, the more angels are reborn as humans because their old tasks become irrelevant. By taking on the responsibility to deal with our lives on both the subtle and the physical levels, we receive the necessary abilities that we return back from angels. In return for the responsibilities that had been transferred onto them, the abilities for protecting ourselves had also been given away.

Saturn is the antenna of the solar system, through which it receives energy from the whole Universe.


  • Ask your Divine team to release the lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with the Solar system. Ask for all of your parts that are stuck in those planets to be returned to you, and ask Father and Mother Earth to send the necessary realizations for those parts on how to take their right place in your being and perform their functions.

Check if there are any situations that have to do with it that should be closed with conscious inspection.

  • Ask your Divine team to release the lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with angels and the ascended masters. Ask for all of their responsibilities to be returned to you, and, together with them, the abilities to carry out those responsibilities.

Check if there are any situations that have to do with it that should be closed with conscious inspection.

I have read about and investigated practices where people make a contact with a certain planet, star or star system, and, in this way, receive energy from them. The connection is made by trying to feel what star, planet or star system one is attracted to and focus their attention there. Sometimes focusing the attention is sending love to the chosen object. Usually, the planets, stars or star systems with which the connection is made, have been inhabited by the person in certain past lifetimes. And, the energy that is received when the connection is made, usually is not from these objects that are focused on, but from our subtle parts that have remained there from those past lifetimes. If you are seers, look into how you can return these parts and the energy will always will be with you.

Until next time!

Rokas Jarašius.