Ancestors are an inseparable part of each of our lives. Due to the fast pace of the current society, many do not notice the acting of ancestors in their daily lives. But there are people who feel their roots and this feeling usually manifests itself through dreams, when dead relatives appear in them. In the past, the nation of Lithuania had a very strong connection with their ancestors, and ancestors played one of the most important roles in their lives. But after the invasion of a new religion, this relationship almost disappeared. In this article, I write about ancestors and their huge influence on our daily lives. I think that having read this information many of you will understand their importance even for the modern man.


A person’s soul has usually lived more than one lifetime, and sometimes even very many lifetimes. After a person’s death, their soul, having gone through cleansing, is reborn. In this way, the number of lives lived increases and does the experience of their soul. A person’s spirit differently than their soul is given only for this lifetime. If one’s spirit is weak, after a person’s lifetime it goes into the Creator’s common pot. And if the spirit is strong, it continues its journey. Even now we can feel the spirit of people who were strong in the past, we can see Christ’s, Buddha’s, Krishna’s, Mahomet’s and other spirits in action. Without the support of their spirits, religions like Christianity and Islam and would weaken very much or perhaps disappear completely. Of course, dark forces also try to take advantage of the actions of these spirits, but I won’t go into it in this article. People who are more sensitive to spiritual energies, feel heightened vibrations in the areas where various saints and spiritual teachers with strong spirits lived. In the places where a strong spirit is acting, answers to important questions of life come more easily. In this way, a spirit communicates with us and gives the necessary answers. If a person was important to its nation, their spirit goes to the egregore of their nation, in which, along with other ancestors of the nation, it will help the nation to live on. After death, the spirit of people who are important in their family goes to the egregore of ancestors, and from here the family receives strong support. This is the way egregores of ancestors are formed.


People who have a strong connection with their ancestors can often feel their presence in dreams. The spirits of dead relatives usually come to give signals of warning. They warn that at risk of disaster. Ancestors communicate through those whose energy channel with the ancestors is the strongest. Because they cannot get their information across to those whose energy channel is weak. That’s why ancestors often choose one or several people who become intermediaries between them and the rest of their relatives. People may bring a strong energy channel from past lifetimes where they engaged in spiritual practices that have to do with Mother Earth or with ancestors. In this lifetime we are also able to and must strengthen our connection with ancestors. A good relationship with roots provides stability, strength and good energy for the extension of kinship. Women mainly receive energy from the ancestors through the feminine line and men through the masculine line. A son gets energy from his father, the father from his father and so on. The same goes on for women, only that a woman receives it from her mom, and the mom from her mom, etc. That’s why it’s very important to have a good relationship with your parents because they are the biggest transferors, connecting us to our ancestors. A bad relationship with one’s parents turns into a blockage for ancestral energy to flow to us. Of course, some people grew up without parents. In such a case, they should work with past lifetimes to find the causes of why in this lifetime they had to grow up without parents or without one of the parents. The causes are usually those of leaving kids in a past lifetime or having abortions. To restore the connection with ancestors, one should raise such situations and, having realized them fully, close them. It takes a lot of ancestral energy for life to start in a woman’s womb, and if that life is interrupted by an abortion, it is a contempt for the ancestral energy. After doing so, women get much less energy and support from their roots. After an abortion, women are often no longer able to have children, which is a sign of a blockage with ancestors. Those whose parents are dead and the relationship with them was bad should look at situations from this lifetime in which the causes of that bad relationship lie. The first step to an improving relationship with our ancestors is the unconditional acceptance of our parents because we have to be very grateful just because they gave us the opportunity to come to Earth. Also, those of you who work with dreams in which dead relatives or family members appear should pay attention to whether it is the soul or the spirit of the departed that appears to you. If a soul appears in a dream, it is a sign that it needs help to get out because it is stuck, it is wandering and unable to be reborn. Such souls pump vital energy from the living and shed the energy of death, which complicates the path of life (more on this in my article Life Between Lives). And the spirits of our ancestors give vital energy, and they give signs of danger – it’s like they got our back and support us. One can recognize whether a soul or a spirit appeared, according to their vibrations. The vibrations of a soul that appears will be lower, heavier, darker because it is stuck in its path of evolution, and the energy of a spirit will be higher, brighter. The simplest way to check which one has appeared is to check through the heart, but for that, the heart chakra must be open. And for it to be as open as possible, you need to listen to your heart everywhere in life.


While working with people and learning about their family tree on the subtle levels, I noticed that the roots (the ancestors) of many, are divided into two parts. As I began to analyze this situation, I realized that the larger and stronger the roots of a family tree, the more energy the living relatives receive. Therefore, I began to inspect the reasons why ancestors are divided so that after understanding the reasons behind the split, the ancestors could be united, and we could have more support from them. It turns out the disintegration occurred when a new religion emerged in the tribe, that is, Christianity. By embracing the new faith, people cut off their old roots and thus had to grow again from the beginning. This cutting of roots had a huge impact on the Lithuanian nation because, with their loss, our nation began to shrink sharply, which is happening even now. The older and more primal the nation, the more important it is to maintain its roots. The Lithuanian language is one of the oldest in the world, which shows that we have a very close connection with the roots of all humanity because the older a nation is, the closer it is to the roots, and the more energy it can take from its ancestors. Of course, for that energy to flow, we need to understand the old traditions, nurture them. Consciousness and the inner seeing that comes from it help to understand the essentials in ancient rituals, because often to modern man, the old rites seem like complete nonsense. Everything in the world is changing, so with the help of consciousness, we can take what is necessary for modern man from the old traditions, and what is outdated and ineffective – to reject. In this way, the connection with the roots is restored, and the egregores of the ancestors reunite. Someone may say that if one is to follow the old traditions, one should necessarily follow them all 100% as they were. But consciousness is not guided by dogmas, consciousness is doing what works according to the laws of the Universe. As an example: to receive information from the higher worlds, the ancient Lithuanians often had to create specific conditions, such as the arrangement of stones in a circle, a fire burning in the middle of them, priestesses dancing in a circle, or a large oak tree nearby. All of these things helped to create an energy channel with the higher worlds, or with ancestors, and as a result, they received the necessary information from the ancestors on matters of concern. Nowadays, the power of thought is much stronger than before, so to create an energy channel, such physical things are no longer needed, it is enough to learn to work well with inner seeing and the channel can be built with thoughts. For a modern person, this is very convenient, because now the speeds are huge, and the answers need to be obtained quickly, so it would be difficult to lay stones, create a bonfire, or to obtain priestesses in some office. Of course, sometimes you also need scrap or other things, but the most important thing is to understand what you are doing and who needs it, not to try to copy it, because someone did it, but without understanding the essence.


The ancestors of a nation include the ancestors of the relatives of the whole nation. This egregore is led by the spirits of people who were important to the nation. People who cherish nationality will always receive energy from their ancestors because in this way the ancestors also receive the energy they need. We and our ancestors form the tree of the tribe, the nation, the humanity, and for the tree to green an exchange of energy is necessary. An interest in the history of one’s family or country helps to connect to the roots, which often evokes feelings of upliftment, the energy sent by the ancestors. If you live in a land where your people have lived for centuries, then you will receive much more energy from your ancestors than if you lived in a land that never belonged to your people. Nowadays, the Earth is becoming smaller and smaller for man, as it is much easier to travel to the farthest corners of the world than it was 100 years ago, and even more so than 1,000 years ago. As a result, a globalist policy is beginning to develop that is in the interest of eradicating the notion of nations. When there are no nations left, then there are no colors left and the environment becomes grey. There are certain forces that try to steer humanity and want humanity to be grey because, in this way when everyone is the same, it is much easier to control them. Relationship with ancestors helps maintain identity. Creating families of different races, or even ethnicities usually is frowned upon by the egregore of ancestors. It also happens because the values ​​of the ancestors largely differ and the two egregores are unable to merge and they end up rejecting one another. It is important to understand that egregores of ancestors are much bigger than individual people, therefore their influence on our lives can be huge as much in the positive sense as in the negative sense. It is great when ancestors accept a marriage, it is bad when they back off and give no energy, and it is the worst when they get angry and try to ruin the relationship, which would probably happen in this case. By no means am I a racist, I even like racial mixing, I consider people who are born of racial mixing the most beautiful. But here I describe tendencies that are common in my work. In this case, we have to work with the ancestors of both families and then of both countries and reconcile values, it is quite hard work, so I will not be describing it here. The frequent occurrence that families do not accept a daughter-in-law or a son-in-law is probably a sign that their ancestors do not accept them either. In this case, it is necessary to go down to the ancestors and remove obstacles for the acceptance, and once that is arranged, family relationships begin to take shape.


Power places are places of strong energy. Our ancestors used to like to perform various spiritual practices in such places as well as establish shrines. Where there is more energy, more can be created. But few are able to control large amounts of energy, and not everyone even needs to do it, that’s why some people don’t need power places. In most cases, you first need to learn to manage the energy that you is present already and only then learn to work with energy from power places. If a person does not use his or her energy, then it turns into negative energy, and if he takes even more energy from a power place without using his current energy fully, then there may be even more unused energy, which turns into negative energy. Some people have a lot of energy on their own, and they also often do not need such places, because the excess energy would be ripping their energy channels. Of course, there are all sorts of people, all sorts of situations, and all sorts of power places, so the most important thing is to feel with your heart if that place is needed. From one power place we can get a lot of energy, from another – realizations of various life issues, from another – healing or balancing energy. The earth radiates its energy into space, which reaches other planets, stars, galaxies, and so on. The radiated energy always affects what it touches – sometimes more, sometimes less, but it always affects. Just like different parts of the body vibrate different energies so do different parts of Earth. Suppose the first body chakra will always radiate lower vibrational energy than the seventh, and the chakras reflect some area of ​​body parts. We have our butt, through which we remove what is old and what we do not need, and Mother Earth also has such places and such places will not be power places. There are places where we don’t recharge, on the contrary, that place just sucks us up energetically, such places often have to do with groundwater. Therefore, the ancestors chose places for their sanctuaries very responsibly, because the different worshiped deities would act much more strongly if the energy of the sanctuary was chosen according to their energy. By praying and performing rituals in that place, people further strengthened the energy of that place, so it had an even greater impact on that area of ​​life for which the deity worshiped in that sanctuary was responsible. Try to imagine that you come to a place of power where the god of war was worshiped and there you want to recharge your peace, so what kind of energy will you fill up with? Of course, you will get little or no energy of peace, but in such a place you can get a lot of courage, determination, perseverance, strength, and the like. But if there is already a lot of such energy, then it will turn into aggression, violence, climbing over the heads of others. A common occurrence in shrines are the spirits of former priests and sages. After the priest’s death, the spirit continues to be the guardian of that place. Such spirits can provide excellent insights into the path of our lives, and by having a more developed inner vision one is able to have conversations with such spirits. While researching former ritual places, I noticed that near such places, on the subtle level, life continues to take place – this is stagnant time from times when the settlement flourished. I noticed that in the sanctuaries that are not much visited or not visited at all. Such astral worlds are created because the souls of the people who lived there are unable to let go of that life, thus creating an analog for it on a subtle level. In such worlds, a small part of the soul is left, and most of the soul is reborn and lives the physical life of these times. In such a frozen world of the past, souls have usually left up to a percentage of their souls, so it does not need much energy to live on the subtle level, and the place of strength becomes a great energy donor for such a world to live on. Often places that are visited by people scatter such worlds because those parts of the soul that created them constantly receive from the novelty, the energy of volatility, and movement from the visitors, which prevents the worlds from forming. By helping such parts return to the reborn part of the soul, we get a lot of energy from that place, because, this place of strength no longer needs to be a donor to the frozen world, so it gives a lot of energy as a thank you. Of course, as I mentioned, it is not easy to control such a large amount of energy, but whoever is able to help the soul parts return will be able to control the energy as well. And if we can find such places with parts of our souls, then the reward is double because the bigger and fuller the soul is, the bigger are the possibilities to create, the greater winnings it is possible to achieve in life. People don’t reach a lot with a small soul, but a big soul has to develop a big spirit as well because otherwise there will only be hurtful chaos in life. To develop a strong spirit, there has to be a certain self-discipline and consciousness. So when a certain level of consciousness is reached, the possibility to return lost parts of one’s soul appears.


  1. Check what the percentage of your relationship with your parents is. If it is not 100 percent, ask the Father and Mother Earth to send the necessary realizations to restore that relationship. Also, ask your divine team to release for automatic closure all the situations that affect the relationship with your parents is not 100 percent. Put all the situations that did not close automatically into the divine quarantine and close them by deliberately working with them. Situations can arise not only from this life but also from past lives. After closing the situations and reviewing the realizations, check the relationship with the parents again. If the relationship has been restored, it means you have done a great job, if not – then work on the situations and realizations until the relationship is 100 percent on your part.
  2. Check what the percentage of your relationship with ancestors is. If the relationship is not 100 percent, then ask the Father and Mother Earth to send the necessary realizations to restore that relationship. Review the realizations and close the situations that have arisen. Do the same with the ancestors of your nation. It is particularly important to do this point before beginning the practice of entering the ancestral egregore (I have described this practice later in the article).
  3. Check through your heart to see if there are any power places that you should visit. If the heart shows a positive response, then ask your divine team to show them. When you see places of strength that need to be visited, decide, when it is possible, to do so.
  4. Before you go to the power place, make sure you are 100 percent ready for it. If the preparation is less, then ask the Father and Mother Earth to send the necessary insights for the preparation. Raise your preparation to 100 percent and only then go.
  5. When you arrive at a chosen power place, check to see if there any situations that have arisen from past lives that have to do with that place. Close all the situations that have arisen. The energy of that place may raise situations even unrelated to the place, close them as well.

WORKING WITH THE EGEGOR OF ANCESTORS (For those skilled in working with inner seeing)

I think many of you have heard the term family karma. Family karma is the actions of our relatives that affect us as well. If the karma is negative, then that shadow falls on us as well. I always say that if something affects me negatively, it is my responsibility to make sure it wouldn’t because everything that happens to me in life is my responsibility. If a person takes responsibility for what happens to him in life and does not blame others, then he also receives the energy to fulfill those responsibilities. Without taking responsibility, a person does not receive energy, as a result, losing a lot of strength in the path of his or her life. The same goes for family karma if it affects me negatively – it means it’s my responsibility to fix it. Very lucky are those families that have people in them who are able to handle the karma of the family. A person helps a relative to climb a step higher in its evolution. When working with family karma I very often enter the ancestral zone on the subtle level. To enter the ancestral egregore, you need to ask your divine team to show you your family tree. When you see it, get close to it on the subtle level and stand with your back to the trunk. With your back touching the trunk, merge with it, become like one, and feel the flowing pulsation of energy from foliage to roots, from roots to foliage. When you begin to feel this flow, it is a sign that you are ready to go down to your ancestors. Take the roots down until you see a corridor – this is the ancestral zone. When you come down, say hello to your ancestors and ask them to show the situations of family karma related to the problem you are seeking answers to. There are many doors on the sides of the corridor behind which karmic situations are situated. There are cabinets with odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right. The left side reflects situations with women, the right side – with men. But this distribution of numbers and genders is not always the case, as family karma may be related to women taking responsibilities from men, or vice versa, which makes distortions in the ancestral egregore that can be seen in the layout of the door. If women or men who have been overly oppressed in the family there will also be similar consequences. Not strengthening the qualities of one’s gender, the desire, and the effort to be a member of a gender other than the one born with is also reflected in the layout of the door. When you ask your ancestors to show the karmic situations of a relative with an issue that concerns you, then feel which door you want to go to the most – go to it and open it. When you open the door and see a situation, look at what is going on there. What emotion is there? What energy? When you see all this, close the door and go to the next one that attracts you the most, and do the same thing you did when you went to the first door. So walk to the desired doors until you feel in your heart that the information needed for this stage is enough. After reviewing all the necessary situations, try to relate them to your problem to understand its root, where it came from. The next step would be to release lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with all those energies, emotions, events in the karmic situations of the family. For all situations that did not close automatically, ask your divine team to put into quarantine so that these situations do not affect you negatively. See how many not closed situations there are in the quarantine and close them one by one. All this is necessary because if we have similar karmic situations in ourselves, then the karma of the family is much more effective towards us. After closing your situations, send the realizations you received to your ancestors so that the related family karma will come to an end and it will no longer be affecting you and your relatives negatively. Because when we close our situations, we realize the essence 100 percent, and then our realizations are accepted by our ancestors. Without us understanding our situations, the ancestors will not accept our realizations. At the end of the corridor, on the throne, sits the eldest of the ancestors, who heads the ancestors. He is the eldest not because he is the oldest, but because he or she is the highest in this hierarchy. The eldest of the ancestors are both men and women, it depends on what the ancestors consider to be the strongest relative of all time. In most cases, such people, while alive, were strong not only on the physical level but also on the subtle level. Such a person must know both worlds, because only then, after death, is he able to take over the authority of the spiritual world of the ancestors. The spirits of the elders were mostly clergy, magicians, shamans, spiritual teachers, and other priests. I have even seen cases where people who are alive are the elders of the ancestors, it is a very rare case but it is possible. Simply put, such people were recognized by ancestors as the strongest and had a great understanding of the subtle world. There are situations when you need to go to your eldest ancestor because that is the only way to solve the situation. To see if the help of the elder is needed, we need to check through the heart. This usually happens when you fail to see a clear picture of the situation just by going through cabinets that have family karmic situations. Before going to the ancestral chief, as I mentioned, check through your heart whether it is really necessary, because this is not a game, and by going out of curiosity you will only get even more confused in the situations and gain disrespect of the ancestors – ancestors do not work with such people. If after checking through the heart the answer to going to the elder is no, then see what you can do on your part – how to prepare so that he can accept you. After going through everything to be 100 percent prepared, double-check through your heart if you need to go to the chief. If your heart says no, then let go of the thought of going to him – it means you’re not ready yet. Try to review all the situations you have already viewed while being in the realm of your ancestors, it is possible that clarity will have come and you will be able to understand and close the situation. If the situation fails to close, ask your divine team to quarantine it so that it does not affect you negatively. Thank your ancestors for their help, send thoughts of love, and express your intention to grow up, and return to your ancestors when you grow up enough and fix this situation. Say goodbye to your ancestors, and rise the roots of the tree until you reach the trunk of the tree and then get out of it. That way you will get to the right level. Do not stay on the level of your ancestors, because after leaving your subtle body there for a long time you can start to feel bad both emotionally and physically. If your heart will tell you to go to the elder of the ancestors, then ask permission from the ancestors for this meeting. Having received the consent, go straight down the hallway, at the end of which you will see a priest or a priestess. Say hello to the elder and ask him or her to show you the essential situation that is preventing you from removing the obstacles to solving the problem because of which you are with your ancestors. Review the situation that has arisen and do what you did after reviewing the karmic situations of the relatives in the cabinets, that is, release all that is related to the energies in that situation for automatic closure. What you did not close automatically, close it by deliberately working with the situation. After closing your situations, send the necessary realizations to the egregore of the family. After doing all this, thank your ancestors and get out of this egregore, the way I mentioned before. If your ancestors refused to let you in with the elder despite your heart leading there, then release the situations for automatic closure that have to do with listening to your heart. Close all the situations that have not closed automatically, and when it closed, send the realizations from the closed situations to the egregore of the family. Ask the ancestors again for permission to meet with the elder, and if permission is not given, then ask them to show what you need to do to get consent. When you see the realizations, if your heart approves of them, do them, if it does not approve – do not do them, and leave the ancestral egregore as I have written. This situation means that your ancestors consider you unprepared and time is needed for you to grow up and be able to deal with this situation. Every day, think about how you can strengthen the connection with your roots, strengthen it, and one day your ancestors will open up to you. It is possible that in the beginning the ancestors initially will not show the situations of family karma, this is also a sign that the connection with them as well as your inner seeing need to be strengthened.

Today is 2020, March 26th, and I am finishing writing this article about ancestors, which I started writing half a year ago. The events of these days in the presence of the coronavirus further confirm the need to turn to the inside, to our origin, to our roots. Unstoppable reckless bolting through life has been shown not to get us anywhere. The closing of borders is a sign to look at our nation, the introduction of quarantine is a sign to look at our family. More than ten years ago, I was involved in a car accident, after which my cervical spine broke, I no longer controlled almost my entire body, and this event meant a long quarantine for me. I came out of my quarantine when I restored my relationship with my parents and my relationship with myself. In the prison of loneliness and the prison of the body, I found my true self and my path.

From the experience of this stage, I realized that the Universe stopped me so that I would reconsider whether I was really moving properly on the path of life because the path I was on would have led nowhere. This time is the time for all of humanity to think about whether such superficial racing through life will lead anywhere, or if it is, after all, necessary to go deeper to get to know oneself, one’s roots and the real world.

Rokas Jarašius 2020 03 26