If we look at the society, we will see a pyramid. That pyramid is people’s distribution into roles. Some rule, others are slaving away, and others are fighting wars… Wanting to help more and more people to solve their problems, led me to inquire into why it’s easier for some to become successful than it is for others. This searching has given me very deep answers. That’s why in this article I won’t be discussing superficial things, for example, that you need to achieve your goal, be positive, listen to your heart and love what you do because that has already been discussed in my first book. Here I present the information that is the foundation of a system that has been prevalent for a long time. In order to change our role in the system, we first have to understand the system. We have to understand it not just as it presents itself to us, but also its other aspect that it doesn’t want to show because having shown that aspect it would lose the control over us.


There are three layers of the system: the grey one, the visible one and the ruling one. The grey layer constitutes the majority of the population that is the easiest to control with all kinds of media outlets, trend etc. That is the crowd that is the easiest to abuse, to form its opinion and to direct where it’s most convenient. The visible layer is those who have been able to break free from the grey layer. They rise above it and become rather visible. Visible are those who are able to express their individuality and aren’t afraid to be different than the average person. They are stars of all sorts, politicians, and celebrities. The ruling class is usually invisible, they are the ones who control the two previously named layers. The ruling ones are those who put all kinds of programs onto people to direct the masses where they wish. Often the ruling ones use the visible ones to be able to program the grey ones. For example, the hippie movement was very popular in America, and one of its mottos was “die young but happy”. This program caused many people to not be able to control their desires, the consequence of which was many people dying off of drugs, alcohol and other negative things related to this movement. That is a great way to regulate the population. A new trend, whether positive or negative, is a way to control the masses. The ruling ones can eliminate an unsuitable leader of the crowd by reprogramming the crowd, causing it to turn against the leader itself. Also, they can be eliminated with legal instruments or just by killing them, without causing any great suspicions, and just labeling it, for example, as a drug overdose. The only way break free of this rollercoaster is consciousness, which is the ability to look deeper into the true causes and to eliminate them, to be able to control subtle levels, and, in this way, to create a different reality. By choosing with our hearts, instead of choosing what others choose, we become unique and are no longer just a part of the masses. Then we no longer have passages that we could be affected through by the ruling ones because we rule our lives by ourselves. If you don’t know how to control your life in accordance with the laws of the Universe, then the Universe will send you those who will control you.


In the second part of the article series „Deeper into the secrets of the Universe“ I discussed the 5 main types of souls that are on Earth. In this article, I‘ll describe their role in the system. I divide types of souls according to their nature to human souls, souls of the dark ones, reptilian souls, souls of the bright-eyed ones, and angelic souls. According to the old project of Earth‘s system, the Father would pass the realizations of improvement onto angels, the angels would pass them along to the bright-eyed ones. And the bright-eyed ones would create systems of improvement on Earth with the received realizations. The systems are marked with this sign:

This sign can be seen on a dollar bill, in a church, on emblems of cities and in many other places. This is the sign that marks the systems created by the bright-eyed ones. Then the reptilian souls that had been created to follow their minds were meant for getting these systems running and working properly. The bright-eyed ones are great creators and the reptilians since they follow their minds are great replicators. The people who follow their minds, follow what they’ve observed from their own experience and the experience of other people, but they’re unable to create new decisions or systems, and use those created by others instead. For this ability, they’re capable of doing a great job replicating the systems that have already been created, and this ability was what led them to take this role in the project of the improvement of Earth’s egregore. We can notice reptilians in governmental institutions and politics, they like work that has to do with numbers. The third type of souls is human souls. These souls are the youngest of all. They are often suppressed and their energy is drained by other souls. Human souls have been programmed to be slaves for a long time. Nowadays people are easily controlled by the system and programmed not to go deeper into themselves. In this system, the bright-eyed ones are the creators, reptilians are the distributors of the systems, and human souls are workforce. Another part of souls are souls of the dark ones. In the system, they’re usually the ones rebelling against the system. These are the people who don’t pay taxes, do illegal activities like distributing drugs, prostitution, and mafia… Maybe I put it a bit too strongly by describing the dark ones with such activities, but it gets the point across. Definitely not all the dark ones do that just as not all the bright-eyed ones are creators. Why are the dark ones not subject to the system? It’s because they look down on it and don’t want to take information through intermediaries. The dark ones take information for their improvement straight from the egregore of darkness, from the primal source of the Universe. Of course, taking information from the egregore of darkness leads gives rather dark realizations because there is no balance left within between light and darkness. These processes take place unconsciously 99 percent of the time so there’s really no one to blame. (You’ll find more information about the primal source and formation of the Universe in the first part of this series of articles.) And the last type of souls is angels. I have briefly discussed that they’re the intermediaries between Father and the bright-eyed ones but these intermediaries are without a physical body. However, there are also angelic souls with physical bodies. A lot more of them came to be during the last few decades. This has been influenced by global processes that have to do with the merging of the egregores of light and darkness. Usually, such souls came to Earth with a mission given by the egregore of angels. Such people are usually very sensitive both physically and emotionally. Especially sensitive are the men with angelic souls. Their bodies hardly withstand earthly vibrations and they often have some kind of a disability. The women with angelic souls receive earthly vibrations more easily. They’re more grounded because their energy is closer to those of Mother Earth and the energy of men is closer to the energy of the Father. If the amount of high vibrational energies is too high, it harms the physical body.

But the beginning of an end has come to this system. It is a failed project because its goal was for all the egregores of souls to improve. But some egregores didn’t pass something on and left for themselves, others didn’t take the responsibilities for themselves and this project ended up like a connection that is breaking up. With the year 2012, new energies of the project came to Earth. This project is different from the old one in the way that there will no longer be any separate egregores of souls and all souls will become beings. A being is someone who has all parts of their divine team: the soul, the spirit, the heart, the highest ones and the mind. A being also is guided by his or her spiritual heart and has a direct channel with Father and Mother, through which they receive energy for improvement. That means there are no more intermediaries, no more “broken connection”. The purpose of banks was supposed to be that the energy of money would be distributed to humanity but this system has turned out in a way that more and more people’s energy is being sucked off and drained, and their energy goes to the hands of the elite that rules the banks. The mission of the church is to help a person be closer to God but it turned this mission into the control of people that has killed millions. Also, the church puts programs that a person that has more money will go to hell, but Vatican itself has enormous sums of money. Such and other programs help them suck off a lot of people’s energy of money as well as other kinds of energies. There are very many of such parasitical systems, and beings are receiving realizations from the Father and Mother Earth how to change these systems from within. Being negative towards the system, saying its bad and doing nothing will only make the situation worse. We have to accept it and change it in the ways in which that our hearts are showing us to change it. And how long the transformation of the system will change depends on the number of people awakening, on the beings that are able to look deeper and see the true meaning and not the matrix created by the system.


Some time ago in the Universe, when there was still no Earth, the first souls came to be. These souls had their responsibilities and by carrying them out they developed. But as time passed, this state was not satisfying enough for them and they started wanting to overcome the limitations of their possibilities in order to create everything they wanted. In order to do that they created other souls that were their energetic donors. The creator souls would suck energy off the newly created souls, creating much more in this way. That’s why I have called some souls the Almighty Souls and others the Donor Souls. The almighty souls didn’t care that the donors without energy were only existing because that’s exactly what they had been created for, to give away their energy. This project led to huge distortions in the Universe. Castes, slaves and abusing people are all consequences of this project. I was looking at the reasons for why children are kidnapped for their organs, and I saw that none of them was an Almighty Soul, they were all Souls Donors. These numbers spoke to me, and it became clear that it’s the consequence of this same project. Some people want to achieve something more in their lives than just being a statistical unit of the masses, but no matter how hard they try, they’re either not able to do it or just the thoughts to do it don’t come. That is a sign that may mean that the person is a Soul Donor. Also, such people tend to choose not their own goals but global goals. That is, they devalue their goals and choose to do not for themselves but for a “greater purpose”, for example, for humanity, for Earth, some guru etc. Each person who chooses a global purpose instead of a purpose of his own sacrifices himself or herself and becomes a donor. In order to take part in creating a greater harmony on Earth, you should pursue not global goals, but personal goals, of course, those that don’t violate the laws of the Universe and that come from your heart.


  1. Ask Father and Mother Earth to send you the needed realizations on how to follow the path of your heart. Cancel out the path given by the system and the programs that have to do with it.
  2. Set out the intention to take that place in the system that your heart is guiding you to take.
  3. Let go the lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with the system.
  4. Ask Father and Mother Earth to transform your subtle structures into the structures of a being.
  5. Ask Father and Mother to restore the connections with them as they have to be at the moment.
  6. Ask for all of your energy to be returned from the system to you and directed towards the path of your heart.
  7. Let go of the lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with Almighty Souls and Donor Souls. Cancel out all the programs that have to do with them.
  8. Let go the lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with missions. Ask Father and Mother to cancel out all the missions that have been given to you and ask Father and Mother to return the energy that has been meant for them back to you. Ask your Divine team to direct the returned energy to your heart’s goals.

Only by following your true path can you feel the great meaning. All other paths are just commonplace patterns. Let the Universe show you the path and then you’ll get to know your depth. Only a deep person can get out of the grasp of the matrix.

Rokas Jarašius