The propeller of the growth of humanity has been improvement since time immemorial. Striving to become better has led to many achievements. One can improve in all kinds of ways, many of which I think you know yourselves. And in this article, I will tell you about the three main systems of improvement that are on Earth in which souls choose their path of improvement. In the past, belonging to one system would prevent people from depending to another system. But with the merging of the aggregates of light and darkness that situation has changed and a possibility to walk an in-between road has emerged. The in-between road provides the possibility to improve through the interaction of darkness and light, and, this way the Universe itself is improves. With this new stage we move forward with the energies of the Universe, thus we have a big support from it, and this way we become much stronger and more successful. In order to understand how to enter the new system of improvement, one must leave the old one, and to leave the old one, one must first understand it.


At the time when the Father created the Earth, he transferred the responsibilities for processes that take place in the Universe to the Universe itself. Having given away the responsibilities, the Father went to the aggregate of light in order to create the energy of perfection. Coming into the aggregate of light meant that Father’s dark and grey parts split off. And that’s exactly what happened – the Father split into three parts: a bright one, a dark one and a grey one. A lot of people and beings were sure that they were supposed to follow the Father’s the path, and this split influenced the appearance of three systems that one could follow. What system beings would choose to follow depended on what parts were dominant in them (bright ones, grey ones or dark ones). Following the Father’s bright part has formed the system of spirituality and the plus levels of the Earth. Following the grey part has formed the societal system and the zero level of the Earth. And following the dark part has formed the system of the dark world and the minus levels of the Earth (I’ve written more on the levels of the Earth in the articles “Life between lives” and “Hell and paradise”.


As I’ve already mentioned, the systemic society of humanity matches the zero level of the Earth. The systemic society is based on one big program that reflects that the mind is exalted the most. This system is based on the principle of a pyramid: those who are on top of the pyramid rule those who are below them. The highest place of the pyramid is occupied by Ahriman. Ahriman is Father’s grey part. To the world ruled by Ahriman it is not favorable that people follow their hearts, be able to use their inner seeing or find similar abilities in themselves, because in this way people find their true selves and stop putting their mind first. In the societal system we can often hear that clairvoyance and all kinds of subtle visions and things that have to do with them are nonsense. “Everything that is not proven by science rubbish” – it is programs like this that is tried to diminish the spirit of humanity, and without spirit people are easy to control. The zero level is based on programming people and its main program is that you have to become better than another. This program leads to competitiveness which is the foundation of the grey world. Competition leads to fighting which leads to people’s opposition which always leads humanity to wars. Wanting to become better than others takes away parts of our true path, and its consequence is that people aren’t walking their paths but the paths of their competitors. All of it takes away big possibilities to improve according to the path of one’s heart but gives programs of what a systemic person should be like. People’s paths cannot be compared because each person’s path is unique and thus incomparable.

In this systemic world reptiloids are the dominant. Since they were created to follow their minds, they usually feel good in the systemic society. There are mostly reptiloids in all kinds of governmental companies, and in this way the system does not change and maintains its energetic greyness. Other types of souls, especially angels and dark ones try to bring other colors into the system, but in this case, system tries to stifle them as foreign bodies. Since childhood it is repeated what a systemic person should be like, instead of being his real self. The school system is based on competition, while instead the energy should be focused on revealing every child’s strongest qualities. Then we’d have schools of wunderkinds, which would later raise humanity to much greater victories. The bright-eyed ones usually also feel comfortably on the zero level of the Earth. Since they created these systems, they subconsciously know how to bypass systemic rules. Usually the bright-eyed ones are those who bring innovation into the system because they understand the system and do not fight it. The energies of the dark ones are dense, and the system sees them as a parasite like danger, therefore such people very often face the bureaucratic apparatus that blocks them. The energies of angels are too high for the system, and because of that they burn the system. The system lowers their energy by different life situations. When it’s hard for the sensitive angels, their vibrations also go down and become no longer dangerous to the system. In my consultations I very often see that the cause of people’s failures is the inability to create the right relationship with the system, which is very important. The right relationship with the system opens possibilities to realize yourself in the society.


Following the Father’s bright side has formed spirituality and the plus levels. In spirituality there is cleansing from dark parts. The more you cleanse yourself from them, the more your subtle body goes up above level zero. This process distances people from the system, and they dive into spirituality that helps them to cleanse from the dark parts even more. Throughout various lifetimes, when the soul manages to completely cleanse itself from dark parts, it disintegrates into light. Having done that, the soul becomes an ascended master, otherwise known as an elevated ruler. Such souls travel to the sun and learn through controlling the whole solar system. It should be mentioned that what travels along with such souls is human spirit, which makes up a strong formation and radiates strong spiritual energy. More sensitive people who can feel, see or hear subtle levels can catch the frequency of such spiritual energy and get all kinds of realizations through it. Once the ascended masters learn everything in the sun, they travel to the aggregate of light, in which they try to maintain the balance of light and darkness in the Universe. In the aggregate of light, the ascended masters become direct helpers of the Father’s dark part.

Angels have a strong influence on subtle levels. The worlds of Angels start at level +80. The higher the level of the world the angel is in, the stronger is the choir of angels. Here there is a hierarchy as well. The Angels belonging not to the highest choirs receive realizations from ascended masters who are in the sun. As I have mentioned, the worlds of Angels start at +80, but it doesn’t mean they cannot move through other levels. The working zone of Angels is from level +1 to +150. If they invade to level 0 or to minus levels, they are pushed out, thus they have no influence in them. That’s why it is hard for angelic souls in the system, because they’re being pushed out of it or closed in a box which on the physical plane manifests as separation from the society. Such people don’t find a place for themselves because they are much deeper inside than society is. But having learned how to control their energies, to understand their depth, angelic souls have the greatest chance to make a connection with angelic worlds and ascended masters, which is where they can receive a lot of light, realizations and energies of improvement. Visiting all kinds of high vibrational places can also help make a connection with beings of higher worlds. But if it is necessary and is a part of your path is what your heart will show. Those who search for such connections even though their hearts are guiding them elsewhere form a weak connection with weak and meaningless beings of subtle levels, which often happens to be possessions.


The minus levels of Earth are the root that the other levels have been created from. The primodrial energy of each thing emerges from darkness. Darkness is a material that new things are created from. The Universe itself has been created from darkness. None of the other energies can create a primordial creation, they only change it, improve it. In the same way the minus levels of earth are a primordial energy of the two above mentioned systems.

Many have heard of the ancient civilization of Atlantis. It is thought that it was a very developed civilization that was drowned by waters. The fall of Atlantis is a door to a new cycle. It is a stage of a new beginning that was ruled by Lucifer. Firstly, I will briefly discuss Atlantis and its fall, according to information of ancient scriptures, inner seeing, and other found sources, the legitimacy of which I always check with my heart. Once the history of Atlantis is understood, it will be easier to understand the causes of different phenomena that have happened. In Bible it says that there was a flood in which everyone was drowned, only Noah with his crew managed to save themselves. It was nothing but Atlantis that was drowned by the flood, these two are the exact same event that happened. In Bible it is written that before the flood there had been giants. It is written about giants in mythologies of many different countries, including Greek, Lithuanian, German etc. By watching the times of Atlantis with the help of my clairvoyance, I see that the inhabitants of Atlantis as bigger than people currently are. Many clairvoyants see the same, which is another confirmation that the period of Atlantis and the one before the building of Noah’s ship is one and the same.

According to Bible, God sent the flood because the people had become wicked, and in my visions I see that the people of Atlantis have attained a lot in science, thus starting to devalue God, and science became their main God. In Greek mythology titans were gigantic Gods that were later beaten by Zeus. Zeus is a reincarnation of God the Father, and he destroyed the titans (the inhabitants of Atlantis) with the help of the flood. Chrone was the one who ruled Atlantis. Chrone is time and with the name of this ruler I associate the ability of people of those days to move in time. The father of Chrone was Urane, and the father of Urane was Tartar. Tartar is the one who was the deepest under Haad, and Haad’s world is the underworld, which is the world of the minus levels that is in Christianity is known as hell and purgatory. In Greek mythology, Tartar is described as the primordial, I also call the root of the minus levels the primordial, from which all the earthly world was created. Also, in Greek mythology we can notice all kinds of creatures, such as minotaurs, centaurs, etc. They are also a consequence of the science of Atlantis and these days one may notice similar things as scientists are going deeper into human cloning. I’m not saying that it’s good or bad. It’s just that events are repeating themselves.

After the fall of Atlantis, there was chaos everywhere. People needed the seed of the new stage so that a new era would be born. Lucifer was the one who brought the seed of this new stage and this way the era of heroes started. Lucifer is Prometheus, and Prometheus according to Greek mythology brought light to people. It is this exact light that is the seed of the new era. Lucifer is also called the bringer of light and was the brightest of angels, but he chose to bring light to people, and because of that he was rejected by some angels and angelic worlds. A part of Angels supported Lucifer and went to the chaos of Earth with him to people who were drowning in darkness. Wanting to help people too much, wanting to enlighten them as much as possible had negative consequences. Wanting too much is a violation of a Universal law. All those who help other more than is needed take on their negativity and get heavy from it themselves. That’s exactly what happened to Prometheus and his team – from bright angels they became dark demons who are lording in the minus levels. As nothing happens without a reason in the Universe, this process had its meaning, too. In this way, the minus levels were finally formed. People can no longer transfer their negativity to others and if they do, it comes back to them like a boomerang. The more negative the things a person does, the lower to the minus levels he descends, and there is the demonized Lucifer and his crew waiting that makes souls be sorry for their wrongdoings. As I have mentioned, in the minus levels there is hell and purgatory, which are where the settlement of the souls takes place (you can read up more on that in my articles “Life between lives” and “Hell and paradise”). There would sometimes happen fights for areas of influence between angels and demons, but these fights, on the scale of the Universe were just a restoration of the balance of light and darkness.

Along with each new stage comes chaos. The coming of small stages into our lives happens in such order. The coming of big stages on the scale of humanity happens in the same order. Chaos brings new energies that then must be realized and systemized. Systemizing is kind of like putting everything into certain boxes and organizing everything. In this same way the Universe gives new energies to humanity so that humanity would learn to deal with them, and once that is learnt a new stage that has to do with chaos comes about again, and that is how improvement works. The era of heroes was based on physical strength, willpower and strength. In this era, there were many gods, goddesses, miracles and magic… This abundance of all sorts of energies reflected the beginning of a new stage. In the article “Hell and paradise”, I wrote about cycles that take places in our lives, and in this article I’ll repeat myself somewhat in order to make it easier to understand the great cycles of humanity. We must take the seed of each new stage from darkness. And that taking is often so hard,  as if we had gone to hell. Once we took the seed, we start seeing the vision of a new stage. That new area that we came into, in which we came to grow something, it brightens and becomes more and more understandable and easier to control. The most that we can achieve in that stage is the paradise of that stage. Having reached paradise, everything starts to grow grey, pointless, uninteresting because the ceiling in that area has been reached and improvement is no longer occurring. Usually people do not want to let go of their paradise because everything there is so familiar and clear, but the new stage is inevitable. The longer one does not let go of the old energies, the more one is pursued by the tongues of hell that show that you must go into darkness and take the seed of a new stage. In this stage the energy of death is felt the most because it comes to kill old and needless energies, and if we are not letting them go, they start killing us, too. It appears as a fall of life, as if all the doors have closed, but one must find a window in order to get to get onto that next step of improvement. This growth of a seed is inevitably our growth as well – we stop improving and the plant stops growing.

A seed is a primordial core that sprouts when the primordial energy is mixed with energies of the environment. When no more primordial energy remains in the plant, it means the plant has reached its heaven and the time for it to die has come. Up to what size and age the plant will have grown depends on our decisions while growing it. Promordial energy is like nuclear fuel that can help a lot, but if used incorrectly, it may also blow up. Now I will explain how, according to this model, the history of humanity after the fall of Atlantis developed. As I have mentioned, after the flood there was darkness and chaos, which reflected the hell of humanity. Seeing that situation, Prometheus went down to a darkened Earth in order to bring humans light and knowledge about how to live. In this stage of heroes, there were many gods, goddesses, faiths, all kinds of creatures such as centaurs, dragons, unicorns, dwarfs, fairies etc. This variety reflected the beginning of a cycle and the possibility to tilt the plant of humanity in different directions. When a direction was chosen, humanity started moving on to another stage of this period, that is the era of martyrs. Christianity had the most influence on the transition from the era of heroes to the era of martyrs. The roots of Christianity are in Judaism, and Judaism is a monotheistic religion, which means that, along with the appearance of Judaism, starts rejection of unneeded energies and the purification of needed energies. That manifests as worship of one God and rejection of others. Strict rules come about, otherwise called dogmas that describe how to worship God and how to live in fear of God. God is described as angry and vengeful – such a plant cannot expand because it is unattractive to humanity. 

With the coming of Christ, this plant sprouts out a new sprout, which is Christianity. Very often humanity wants what is the easiest, but it is often not the best option. Christianity was a great easy option – a messiah that redeems everyone’s sins. God is good and merciful, there is no need to worry about other gods because there is just one God. And if he punishes anyone, that is not a problem – a martyr is the closest to God. If pagan priests had to be exceptionally spiritually cleansed in order to receive the clearest information from higher worlds, in Christianity it is no longer needed because all the rules have been written down. In the beginning of Christianity, there were all kinds of movements. One of them was Gnosticism, the point of which was not to blindly follow one sacred text, but instead to analyze and understand a great many of sacred texts. Since when we see the situation from various angles, we can understand it way better, which provides a lot of answers to various questions. This is how gnostics worked, how sages worked, how priests worked, and also how those who wrote sacred texts worked. Answers would come through visions, feeling and not through dogmas.

Sacred texts are very much needed, and with their help it is possible the wisdom of the ancient sages and in this way the humanity may continue to grow. But a sacred text cannot be a final truth because that would be a ceiling for one‘s improvement. Christianity didn’t want to feel, it didn’t want to understand, it left only dogmas. By following dogmas, people continued purifying energies. That manifested in times of heresy. Gnosticism itself was declared a heresy, and many religious, scientific and occult movements were destroyed. Having cleaned the unnecessary energies of this stage, the paradise of this stage was reached. I call this described stage of growth of Christianity the era of Father‘s bright part. And no matter the incredible amount of negativity because the negativity was done by people making wrong decisions, and is not the Father‘s fault. The Father gave an impulse for the purification of the right energies and people freely chose what it would be. Then rennaisance started that brought new energies such as Neoplatonism, mysticism, astrology, magic of nature. Later theosophy and anthropology came to be which were a new seed for humanity which it needed to latch onto. Such individuals as Goethe, Steiner, Blavatskaja, and Jung talk about the infinite importance of understanding the inside and its means, about the fact that faith of humanity depends on it. To those who understand their inside, new worlds open up through which a person can change his or her reality. In our depth, there is a seed of creation, and it is only by having known our depth that we become real and not superficial. As the teachings of soul and spirit had not spread widely enough, the new ages begun. And along with the new ages came the era of Ariman‘s ruling.

I spoke of stages that I compared to a plant. I mentioned that when a plant reaches its heaven, its ceiling, there is no more self left in it, it becomes grey and meaningless. Without accepting the new seed during the Renaissance, this cycle became grey. The new ages brought the energy of Ariman, and the tongues of hell started destroying those who were not letting go of old energies. The first and second world wars were nothing but those tongues of hell. After these wars, through communist regime even more greyness came about and people gave up even on God. In these days, we see capitalism prospering in which spirit has less and less space because it is taken up by materialism. A new religion came about – the religion of science. What is not confirmed by science is taken to not be real, but science itself changes its insights every day, and the concluding insights are often the same as the wisdom of the ancestors. Judaists crucified Christ because of dogmas, Christianity followed people of science because of dogmas, and now science and its dogmas have established themselves. Dogmas have always slowed down the improvement of humanity because they prevent new energy from coming. It is only by heart that you can feel what truly works for you because it is the indicator that shows where the Universe is guiding you.

The goal of this whole cycle is for humans to connect three energies within them: bestiality, humanness and divinity. Bestial energy is a primordial force of Lucifer. It is great strength, physicality, uncontrollable sexual energy and reaching for goals through power. Those whose animalistic energy is too pronounced, live in the world of Lucifer, that is in minus levels. In these levels there is a single law “the stronger one wins”. Of course, there are no real winners here because Lucifer is the strongest and only winner. When the time comes, he takes the tribute of his strength from each one in these levels by crushing them. In minus levels, there are many representatives of mafia, dark mages and a lot of other people who strive to reach their goals through power, death and darkness. The primordial energy is a wild energy and by combining it with divinity and with humanness, balance comes about. The reflection of divinity within is a journey into things that are not seen by one‘s bare eye. This journey is composed by much higher ideals than mere revelation of physiological means. The pursuit of divinity usually takes place as I wrote in the section „The plus levels of the earth and the Father‘s dark part. By focusing too much on spirituality, people renounce their primordial energy and sometimes even their humanity. Such a person has no self left, no feminine and masculine energies, such a person has no connection with Mother Earth and is often prone to fanaticism. In the section “Ariman and the zero level” I wrote about what happens when humanity is too pronounced. Then people remain without spirit, which leads to all kinds of phycological illnesses, such as depression etc.

On this day and age there is very much of the grey world, that’s why people feel so much pointlessness… Trying to copy success from another person brings superficiality and fakeness. But humanness in balance with bestiality and with divinity are very important, because by having a connection with the system, we can help it change for the better. If the system is getting better, opportunities for each of us to grow come about. That is why a person comes to Earth – to communicate with the environment, to improve in such a way. If separated from communication, every child would become a savage. We all have some Lucifer, Ariman and Father within us and these parts are not given to us without a reason – they are there to be connected and revealed. In 2012, huge processes started in the Universe when the egregores of light and darkness started merging (I wrote about it more in my article “Deeper into the Secrets of the Universe”.) In the beginning of this article I wrote that Father split into three parts after creating Earth, but once the aggregates of light and darkness started merging in 2012, Father’s parts starting merging, too. During all of these processes, the Father has revealed, grown and purified his parts, and now, when the time has come, is merging and directing in a new area of improvement. Through a cycle experienced through a multitude of lifetimes, our souls have known these three energies of the Father, thus they must now be revealed in ourselves, connected and directed in the path of our hearts. Bestiality, humanness and divinity are energies within us that compliment each other. Humanness gives the opportunity to insert the bestial energies into society. With the help of humanness, a common well-being is created, that all of us are dependent on. With the help of divinity we can understand not only the rules of the systems, but also the laws of the Universe, with the help of which we have to create a harmonious community of Earth.


  1. Release all the necessary situations from past lifetimes that have to do with the events described in this article and are needed for me to close. Put all the situations that have arisen and have not been closed automatically into the divine quarantine. Look how many situations have not been closed automatically and close them all by going through them via inner seeing.
  2. Release all the necessary situations from past lifetimes for automatic closure that have to do with Ahriman. Put all of the situations that have arisen and have not close automatically into the divine quarantine. Look how many situations have not closed and go through them to close them with inner seeing. Check by your heart whether the relationship between you and the system as well as Ahriman has been restored to 100% as it should be. If it has not been restored, ask Father and Mother for realizations on how to restore it to 100 percent and look through the realizations. Keep realizing until the relationship is restored to 100 percent restored.
  3. Release the necessary situations for automatic closure that have to do with Lucifer and minus levels. Put all the situations that have arisen and have not closed automatically into the divine quarantine. Look how many situations have not been closed and close them all with inner seeing. Check by your heart if the relationship with Lucifer and minus levels has been restored to 100 percent as it should be. If the relationship has not been restored, ask Father and Mother Earth for realizations on how to restore this relationship 100 percent, and go through the realizations. Keep realizing until the relationship is 100 percent restored.
  4. Release the necessary situations for automatic closure that have to do with the Father’s bright part and with plus levels. Put all the situations that have arisen and have not closed automatically into the divine quarantine. Look how many situations have not been closed and close them all with inner seeing. Check by your heart if the relationship with Father and minus levels has been 100 percent as it should be. If the relationship has not been restored, ask Father and Mother Earth for realizations on how to restore this relationship 100 percent, and go through the realizations. Keep realizing until the relationship is 100 percent restored.
  5. Check what percentage of bestiality, humanness and divinity is expressed within you. If they are not expressed 100 percent as t hey should be, release the situations that have to do with them for automatic closure. Check how many situations have not been automatically closed and put them into the divine quarantine. Then take one situation at a time from the divine quarantine until you close them all with the help of inner seeing. After closing the situations check again through your heart if the parts of bestiality, humanness and divinity are 100 percent expressed. If not, ask Father and Mother Earth for realizations on how to express these parts as much as is necessary.

Humanity is on the threshold of a new cycle. The more people will accept consciousness, the easier the transition will be. If humanity will reject consciousness, even more tongues of hell are bound to occur. And after World War three the situation the situation would not be much different than the one that flooded Atlantis. Even the rising level of the ocean is giving signs that humanity has to change because a catastrophe is due. But one can also perceive positive signs – a lot of souls are waking up, and in this way consciousness is spreading more and more in our society.

Rokas Jarašius  2019 06 27