The Universe is great and immense, its vastness is simply incomprehensible to our minds. Thus, people have been trying to explain the Universal secrets in other ways, one of them being inner seeing (clairvoyance). Since the oldest of times, there were people who’d see more than most and were able to explain things that were unexplainable by science. These people were called wisemen, sages, shamans, clairvoyants…

But science is moving forward fast and is able to explain more and more of the things that were previously simply deemed non-existent, but now appear to be real even in the scientific worldview. Also, those who control science often want to control it all, and it’s the easiest to control those, who are unconscious, conditioned to be controlled by others and unable to walk the path of life by listening to their heart.

If you’re using your heart in life, you’re a CREATOR. If you’re not, you’re a tool for somebody else to create…

The Universe is constantly moving forward, growing and improving, thus universal energies are constantly changing. We are also supposed to move with the universal energies, and we can only do it by improving and growing as beings. Those, who aren’t growing are going against the Universal energies. And going against the Universe is synonymous with self-destruction.

Nothing is standing still in the Universe. If we’re improving, that means we’re moving forward. If we’re not improving, we’re tumbling backward.

That’s what’s also happened some time ago in my life. When the time came for me to realize the Universal mysteries, I was stopping myself, unwilling to delve deeper into that knowledge, because it seemed unnecessary and just too different from what I knew until then. My unwillingness to receive the knowledge was blocking the path of my improvement, which led to me going against the Universal energies, feeling bad and being at the verge of a disease.

Once I realized that these things are a necessary part of my path, I felt energy flowing in my body freely and a new vitality. I later understood that working with the Universal energies plays a huge role in working with people and helping them solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Inside every person there is a micro-Universe, which is closely related with the great macro-Universe. By affecting our micro-Universe, we’re also able to affect the macro-Universe. In this way we can move much more optimally in our path of life. By knowing and realizing the ever-changing Universal energies, we can move together with them and create much more and greater things.


The Universe was once a dense energy, which I call the egregore of darkness. God (Father), by seeing the importance of the growth of the Universe, condensed a part of the dense energy into one point, the consequence of which was the big bang. The big bang is also mentioned in some sacred books. Also scientists are getting closer to the conclusion that this was the beginning of the Universe. And, with the help of my inner seeing, I see that too.

Once the big bang occurred, the egregore of light appeared. From that point, there was no longer only dense energy, but also light high vibrational energy. Thanks to these processes, it grew and the egregore of light appeared alongside the egregore of darkness. The egregore of light brought about the first souls who were the ones who started the spiritual families.

The first souls started creating others, and those – others still, thus creating large spiritual families. When we meet someone from our spiritual family, we feel a great closeness for them, an attraction, it seems like we know them for a really long time. Souls had great opportunities to create and could do whatever they wished. They created stars and star systems, they could appear in any place of the Universe whenever they wanted.

But in that state the Universe has reached its limited and was at a point where it had to grow a lot again so that it could continue improving. In order for that to happen, more “colors”, more energies needed to appear. It could no longer be just black and white.

The widening of the Universe required the egregore of light to combine with the egregore of darkness. At that point, it was impossible for them to combine, because their vibrations were too different, and in the case of combining, they would’ve destroyed one another. Then the universe not only would have not have grown, it would also have reduced in size. In order for that not to happen, project Earth was created.

The purpose of Earth was to be the channel connecting the egregores of light and darkness. Both low vibrational and high vibrational entities were coming onto the Earth and all of them were very much needed. High vibrational beings were trying to maintain the connection with the egregore of light, and low vibrational beings with the egregore of darkness. That was the only way for these major egregores to connect – with the help of Earth.

That’s why there’s everything on Earth – pain, joy, disappointment, anger, fanaticism, spirituality and all kinds of other energies that were all focused on the same purpose, in one way or another: the merging of the two great egregores. Only in this way could there appear more colors and energies in the Universe. With the emergence of Mother Earth, there were already lots of new energies in the Universe, such as physical pain, sexual energy, self-realization, limitation, exaltation, abasement and others.

A lot of souls didn’t want to go down to Earth and lose the freedom to do whatever you want. Becoming a human being and creating with a physical body seemed much harder than it was until then. But the souls had no other choice. They had to choose the lesser evil out of the two evils. The first one was being limited by a physical body and earthly energies, the second one was dealing with a reduction of the Universe, the consequence of which would’ve probably been the death of the egregore of light and only dark energy would’ve remained.

A non-growing Universe is the same as a non-improving Universe. And as I mentioned, what is not improving is tumbling backward, and that is the main law of the Universe, thus it would’ve returned back to the first stage – darkness. That’s why a part of the souls went down to Earth and in this way added to the merger of the two egregores.

Some of the descendent souls became guardians. They are called angels. By protecting people, angels are getting to know Earth’s vibrations, and once they get to know them, they are reborn as humans.

Since Earth came to be, the egregores of light and darkness were adjusting their energies for the great merger, and they started merging in 2012, and merged completely in 2016. In this way the main function of Earth has changed. Before the merging, its main function was helping the egregores of light and darkness to merge. After the merging, it’s main purpose became evolving and growing as a being.

Of course, without the main mission, Mother Earth also had other important functions, like taking care of its children (people), soaking in the overabundance of negativity in the environment, soaking in the overabundance of high vibrations and maintaining the right energy on earth that is suitable for life.

I am sharing this information here, because, when working with people I more and more often come in contact with their karmic situations that have to do with the Universal events. Thus, I’ll share the programs that have been globally put on people, and that are hindering improvement. When they’ll be canceled out, your growth will become more optimal.

The first program: Improvement is moving towards the light, and the end goal of the journey is the egregore of light.

This law was really important on Earth for a long time, and most of spirituality is based on it. This law was created so that the Earth’s connection with the egregore of light would be maintained, so that, when time came, the great merger could happen. After the merger of the great egregores, this became a program that needs to be canceled out.

Improvement isn’t necessarily moving towards the light. Improvement can also be going into dense energies in order to help them get brighter. Most of the time improvement isn’t returning to the egregore of light. What improvement usually is, is moving forward, creating by listening to your spiritual heart and, in this way, serving the growth of the Universe.

Souls often time remember being in the light and how amazing that felt, and they want to come back there. But it’s important to realize that it doesn’t feel the best to be in the light. It feels best to be where we’re growing most optimally. At that point the egregore of light was the most optimal place for improvement of souls. That’s why it was so good for them to be there. When the soul isn’t following the heart, but is instead chasing previous stages of growth, it burdens itself by not improving, and that, in turn, leads to feeling bad.

The second program: Our vibrations should be constantly increasing.

The goal can’t be to always be raising our vibrations. We need to be in those vibrations that most serve our improvement. The increase or decrease of vibrations is the cause of a goal you choose, but in no way can it be made into a goal in itself. Sometimes, in order to reach the goals that are necessary for our improvement, we need to lower our vibrations, and, other times we need to raise them.

Lower vibrations are needed, so that you’d have a connection with the environment that you’re reaching your goal in. If the vibrations are too different, you get into different energetic layers, and if your goal isn’t on the same layer you’re at, you won’t achieve it.

When people set goals like living only on prana, without food, people’s bodies can’t handle it, and health problems such as pains in the back, bleeding gums, bad breath, allergies, rashes or stomach acidity arise.

Third program: The greatest state of one’s development is ascending, otherwise known as dispersing into light.

This program is very similar to the first one, but it’s not the same. The purpose of this program isn’t same like that of the first one – returning to the egregore of light. The purpose of this program is to become an ascendant teacher. Ascendant teachers are beings like Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Christ etc. Sometimes it is said that we need to find the Christ or Buddha within us, which means to find our path to ascendance.

These ascended teachers and many others are helping the egregore of Earth to improve from the subtle levels. But these processes started changing a lot after 2012, which led to a change in vibrations of the Earth. People are much more capable of dealing with the higher energies of the Earth by themselves, through the subtle levels.

Despite their karma, pretty much anyone can have inner seeing (clairvoyance). In the old days realizing the true self was almost impossible due to dense energies, and places like monasteries were used for that. Now the Universe is guiding us to a place where a large part of the society would become conscious, and, by following their heart would return their responsibilities from the ascended masters, or, more precisely, to mature for those responsibilities.

The monks that lived in the mountains of Tibet were able, to affect global events of Earth, solely through their consciousness. And when they’d ascend, they would end up in a subtle land, called Shambala. From there, their influence on Earth was even greater. When they’d reach a certain level in Shambala, they’d become ascended masters and their influence and abilities would become the greatest.

In these days, we see China’s restrictive influence on Tibet and Dalai Lama himself, who’s not allowed to return to Tibet. But that is a consequence of the processes that are occurring on Earth, and in this way, the secrets of Tibet are becoming available to the world at large. It may not be the most pleasant way for it to happen, but it’s just a reflection of the huge processes that are occurring in the subtle levels that will sooner or later lead the bulk of society to consciousness.

Ascendance is no longer the main goal. The Universal energies show that the main purpose is a conscious community that is able to work on the subtle levels by itself.


Let go of past lifetimes for automatic closure that need to be let go of at the moment, that have to do with the processes described.

Ask for your parts of your being and need to be there to return from all the levels to you. That’s needed, so when the first point is done and energies are freed up, your parts could be returned back to you.

Ask Father and Mother Earth to send you and your returning parts the necessary realizations about how to improve once they return.

When a being gets back its parts, it grows, and as it grows, opportunities arise that allow us to do more of more meaningful things.

Ask for your Divine team to combine your bright side with your dark side as much as is needed, and to combine spirituality with materiality in your life, as much as is needed.

Once these parts merge in our being, a possibility appears to connect spirituality with materiality even more, and that leads to greater consciousness, greater possibility to direct our lives in the directions we want to direct them in.

With this article I’ll start a new series of articles, where I’ll discuss the secrets of Earth and the Universe that have happened or are happening right now, and that will help you grow.

Rokas Jarašius.