Healing.The planet Earth is a wonderful place, where a man can be happy. Everyone came to earth in order to improve, learn lessons; this is why we decided to be born here. There are ways to avoid the painful lessons. If we would all listen, acknowledge and live by the Divine, we all would benefit from it. What keeps us apart from the Divine path is alcohol, cigarettes, poor diet, negative energy generation in itself. And as a result, we manifest diseases, disasters and other adverse events, persevering through which gets us back on the right path.

Man is divine by nature. If we do not progress, if we drive on negativity and do not seek divinity, then little by little we lose the connection inside of us with the Divine. We forget our purpose, our energy vibrations become lower, and we start to lose our livelihood.

I’m not saying that everyone has to become holy because this is an extreme, but we need to gradually clear our lives of negative energies such as anger, lies, frustrations, etc. and replace them with love, truth, unconditional acceptance. Life then begins to change dramatically and takes on a great meaning.

Many people want to be healthy, but do not have an understanding of where the disease stems from, how or why it starts in the first place. What is the disease teaching us? What is it telling us? Illness is always a teacher. When we simply take drugs to relieve symptoms, without looking for the root of our illness, we will get some results, but medical problems will persist. And if we continue to take drugs, they will continue to suppress some symptoms but consequently, uneasiness persists, until the drugs no longer help. In order to begin to truly heal, we need to find the cause of the disease and decide to remove it.

Upon deciding to live in a meaningful way, for divine purposes, we start to recover, and other illnesses pass us by. You can create a paradise on earth, no diseases, no fights…It is up to you if your world will be a paradise or hell. There are so many different people on this planet. Some able to organize better than others, some of them are good teachers, some artistic souls, and some are naturally born healers.

In our society there are many specialties and roles in which we can realize ourselves, and we are best able to find our path by listening to our hearts. Our hearts can show us what specialty to choose in order to be at our best and happiest. The mind, fear, money, opinions of others, and stereotypes often lead us to a place, where we end up unhappy in our choices. When we make a decision to walk the Divine path, we receive support from the universe with everything we need – including skills, money, people, events, circumstances and so on… One of the divine jobs is to become a healer. The first step in starting healing is seeing and understanding causes of ailments.

1. Cleansing divine energies, including different types of rays of energy – this step is used to clean clogged energy channels and wounds of the physical and metaphysical bodies in order to activate effective convalescence.

2. Restoring divine energy – this is used for exhaustion, for the need to restore the physical and metaphysical bodies from damage. I transfer these energies as a conduit of the high vibrations of the Universe’s forces.

People who are conduits have the ability to accept high-vibration energies of the universe, transfer the energies through themselves, thereby being able to transfer them to other people.

3. Divine healing mechanisms – They are used in the metaphysical to aid to recovery just as there are recovery mechanism for the physical body.

4. Divine processing and disposal of negative energy mechanisms – Disease is a way our bodies process negative energy, it is expelled through illness. Through divine negative energy processing however, we are able to rid ourselves of negative energy without it conveying itself as disease.

5.Channels and connection with Mother Earth – Mother Earth can absorb our negative energy, but for this process to be possible, our divine channels need to be open and we need to be strongly grounded. Channels become clogged, stop functioning in the way they are supposed to for different reasons, one of them being too much negative energy generation in itself. Sometimes we break the channels ourselves, or they are broken by other people and it can be challenging to understand why this happened. Yet sometimes it is enough to just ask.


Simply make this request:

Please restore all channels and connections with Mother Earth, which can be restored by the divine plan. Those that cannot be restored, please replace with new divine channels that align with my spiritual level.

Please envelop in purple, pink, and golden rays and expand channels as needed according to my divine plan so as to help ground me in the best way possible.

Please help use all necessary divine protectors and filters to keep my grounding. Please coordinate my grounding according to the height of where I am and based on my current situation. I thank Mother Earth for giving me the support and I send her love and gratitude. So be it .

Treatment in person and at a distance

1. Distance healing – treatment is possible even at a distance. Energy is sent to person through intention and request. A person can also be scanned from a distance. In this way, one can tell the reasons for certain consequences and possible problems that may arise if the person does not work with themselves to correct certain issues.

2. In person healing – Everything is done same way as in distance healing, but in this way, we have more possibilities and the effects are stronger. People are beings with bodies and we are all connected as a part of our beloved Earth and because of this, direct communication and healing through human touch bring advantages to healing. In working with a person directly, it is easier to know a person better and to recognize deeper problems and blocks. In my permanent working environment, the energy fields are cleaned and maintained clean and high in vibration, which allows people to better absorb energies they require. In nature, wildlife thrives where climate is favorable to them. It is the same for astral beings. If the energy around us is dense, unclean, of low vibrations, then the types of beings that will surround us will be ones that thrive in that environment. These are beings that are detrimental to our healing. The opposite is true for positive beings that can help us heal. Some of these positive beings can only exist in very high frequencies, which is why it is beneficial to have the healing process take place in a cleansed environment.

1. Complete healing – illness and disease is fully resolved, no ailments are left.

2. Partial healing – sometimes a person can not get completely well right away because the consequences are very serious and they need extra time to recover. It can also be the case that they need time to receive necessary information from the Universe to understand their own pathway to healing, and allow their divine path to play out after they come to understand it. All of life’s lessons, all diseases, are simply for our growth, our improvement, so that we don’t stagnate. Everyone is capable of so much, if they believe it and work toward it, without devaluing themselves, or letting stereotypes trap us in a small box telling us “this is all there is to your world”. The world is boundless, and we are part of the world, so our possibilities are limitless as well. It is up to us to decide how we will use this potential.

Rokas Jarašius.