There are two boundaries in every person‘s life: hell and paradise. Hell is the lowest boundary, and paradise is the highest one. These two boundaries are reflected not only in this lifetime but also in the evolution of one‘s soul and in the evolution of the social system. In this article, I will talk about how one can change one‘s life, by realizing these limitations, because neither hell nor paradise comes into our lives without a reason. Nothing comes without a reason, everything has a meaning.


The hell of this life is the most difficult situations that we experience. When the time comes, when feel pressured by the feeling of difficulty from all directions, when the situation is harder than it has ever been before, and you can‘t see any ways out, that must be a sign that you‘re in the hell of your life. Hell comes because the old model of life no longer works, and it needs to be replaced by a new model. Being in such a hellish situation, we feel the closest to death, it touches us. The touch of death is like a question: „Will you let go of what‘s old and redundant?“ In this stage, death comes to kill our old energies, and if we don‘t let go of them, then we turn into that old energy and die with it. But it is only in hell where the seed of a new life resides, which is the start of a new quality of life. By taking this seed, we grow with it, we get to know the things that we would otherwise not have gotten to know without letting go of the old stage. By purposefully moving in the new stage, sooner or later one reaches paradise. The paradise is the highest, best and strongest state that we can only reach in that stage. People often don‘t want to let go of this state. That‘s why, hell or paradise takes them by surprise, which has severe consequences. Being in paradise for too long makes the environment grey and empty and without essence. The flames of hell are trying to catch the person who stays in such a state for too long and to take that person down. I think that the question that comes up for many of you, is do you always have to attract that hell in order to leave to a new stage? Definitely not always. Sometimes people intuitively feel that they should start everything anew, but sometimes, without going to hell, that new stage can‘t be seen and understood.  With the help of inner seeing, one can go down to hell, while it has not yet come to the physical level. In this way, you can realize what your hell is and what you would understand if it came. By understanding and thoroughly feeling why hell has come, the seed of one‘s new life is seen. By seeing what needs to be let go of, and what steps to take to move ahead, it‘s possible to avoid a lot of hardship. That‘s how these cycles move in our lives. There are people who, in order to not reach hell, preserve themselves in the middle of a cycle. But the life of such people is without depth, superficial and gray, with few possibilities for self-actualization. How many cycles a person can have depends on his karma, on the size of his being, and on not stopping his movement through the cycles. For one person, it‘s fully enough to go through one cycle, which may be a great evolution of one‘s soul, and for someone else 3 cycles may be too little to evolve. But one should not focus on the number of the cycles – the most important is to complete the cycle that has come fully. There are people who simply go rushing through the cycles, and, in that way, by not finishing them fully, they get entangled in the cycles and get stuck. So, it‘s important to move in your own speeds, without rushing and without stopping, and your personal speed will be shown by your heart.


The cycle that I‘ve felt the most drastically in my life is the processes that happened after an accident in which I broke my cervical vertebrae. For two years after the accident, I kept holding onto my old life, which I was going to live differently as soon as I got well. This clinging to the old was pushing me against the wall more and more, which has resulted in difficult situations. For one and a half years, I had a urinary bladder infection which would call me massive pains, my mother became ill with cancer, and I was naively hoping that everything would be as once was, that “everything would be fine”. This hoping kept on killing me, until one day a conflict occurred between me and my family. A situation in which I didn’t feel, nor was I guilty, has really hurt me. My helplessness against the injustice was hurting me, as well as the total dependence on those, who, in my eyes, were behaving wrongly. With this situation, I gave up, and, giving up, I let go of everything that was old. I talked to God, asking him to send me a possibility to still be useful in some way, and if there was no such possibility, to take me to Him. I consider this event the breaking point in my life thanks to which I relinquished everything that was old, and, in this way, started going up from the pit. I broke up with my girlfriend, with whom were together for those two years after the accident. The fear that I would not meet anybody else sitting in the wheelchair and not controlling my legs and arms had been binding me to her. But how long can a relationship with a girl last whom you don‘t see as your wife, as the mother of your kids, whom you just don‘t love? Actually, I had loved her, but I had loved her as a friend, not as a woman… And it so happened that all the hard situations came together at the same time – she had also cheated on me with another guy. She later admitted because I was feeling it and asking questions about what was wrong in our relationship. We were discussing the possibility of continuing to be together because that event was random and meaningless, but I understood that the relationship would not lead to anything good. I was not bad, I didn‘t feel hurt, I was feeling full and free. We broke up, and with the break-up, everything that was old was finally let go of. Interesting people started coming into my life, with whom my life started becoming considerably stronger. I discovered a multitude of talents in myself that helped me to get rid of pain, diseases, and medicine. I once again became happy, loved, successful and even more than ever before. I realized that it would never be as it used to be, and I don‘t want it to. My ability to let go of the old stage brought me to a much more meaningful new stage. If I had not been able to do it, I would have gone to oblivion alongside the old stage.


A soul is eternal and it often has an experience of not a single lifetime. Many people have had various past lifetimes: bright, dark, leading to the soul‘s evolution and involution. Each soul that chooses an involutional path falls into a reincarnation stagnation or goes through processes of its perversion. In the article Life between lives“, I wrote about plus and minus levels, and in this article, I‘ll develop the subject even more. The lowest minus levels constitute souls’ hell, and the highest plus levels – the paradise. People‘s decisions that they make in their lives influence which level their soul ends up in at those moments. The worse the decisions, the more one‘s soul goes down to minus levels. The deeper one‘s soul is in the minus levels, the more parts of his or her soul the person loses. For example, if a person, for the sake profit, was killing other people, it means that the consequence of the bad deeds is that his soul at those moments would get into very low minus levels. When an execution would finish, a part of his soul would return to the zero level, that is, the physical body and a part would stay in the minus level. The more bad choices one makes in one‘s life, the more soul one loses. In the next life, one is reborn with the part of the soul that was not lost. The smaller part of the soul is left, the smaller the possibility for self-realization, creativity, and talents. Sometimes it happens that a big amount of lost soul influences one being born with a disability. Such a situation gives a person a lot of heaviness, and with heaviness, he or she again reaches minus levels. If one is able to remain positive in that hardship, then one reclaims a part of his parts of the soul, and in the next life he or she may reborn healthy. Whether or not one will reborn healthy, depends on how many parts of their soul they have returned. If a person remains negative and angry, then their next life will be even more difficult. That doesn‘t stand for the people who are completely mentally disabled because this path of working off karma is chosen by the souls that don‘t want their choices to influence their next reincarnation. Such a possibility of karmic cleansing is possessed only by young souls, and the lives of older souls are going so that their decisions and choices are of great relevance to their rebirth. Of course, not only intentional murders determine that a soul‘s parts get to hellish levels – that may also be thefts, frauds, etc. The bigger the sin, the more parts of one‘s soul fall into darker levels. The soul‘s parts of a person who has done very much negativity, become dark beings in hellish levels that negatively affect people who are in minus levels. As I have mentioned, people fall into minus levels when it‘s very hard for them, which may be influenced by addiction to addiction to drugs, violence, frauds, not walking their true path… Parts of souls of the most negative people turn into dark ones who hurt less negative souls that had also fallen into hellish levels. Reclaiming the darkened part of the soul is extremely difficult. The soul grows, the person evolves, becomes more conscious and lives in accordance with the laws of the Universe. The person, reborn with the remaining part of his or her soul has to grow it, and only when it becomes bigger than the dark part, the person is able to reclaim it, control it and direct it towards the path of evolution. This restoration of order takes not a single lifetime, where a lot of good and purposeful work is done. Since the time when parts of one‘s soul were lost, they have a strong connection with the reborn person who has the remaining parts of the soul. Such a person very strongly feels the actions of those dark parts which may bring about possessions, illnesses, misfortunes, depression and even suicide. After the processes that occurred in the Universe in 2012, an opportunity came about to fix this kind of disharmony much faster.


One‘s parts may not only get stuck in the minus levels, but also in the plus ones. When one does too many spiritual practices and loses one‘s connection to the Earth, one‘s soul is moving up in the plus levels. It is very important to not lose the connection with the earthly world when working with subtle levels and to grow in both of them simultaneously. An absence of balance in that also means the loss of parts of a soul. Consulting people, I had a case where a client felt a sense of emptiness, darkness, and heaviness within. While I was analyzing his case, it became clear that in the previous life he was a Buddhist monk. In that life, he was consciously going towards death in order to live in higher worlds. Advanced monks of the East sometimes decide, to mummify their bodies using a special diet. When their body becomes almost without liquids, the monk is mummified and is absorbed in meditations. Buddhists believe that such a monk doesn‘t die, but is simply in a deep meditational state. I also tend to agree with this, just I would name it as living in other worlds. A body that is not decomposing and that has but a tiny flame of life slows down the reincarnation process, and, in this way, the bright parts of his or her soul live in the plus levels. But the point is that the soul‘s dark parts get cleansed alongside all the earthly attachments, during the process of mummification in order to ascend and live in higher levels, which is impossible to do with dark parts. The bright parts of the soul and of the spirit then live in the subtle levels, and the person is reborn with the dark and grey previously cleansed parts. That‘s exactly what had happened to me client when, having been reborn only with the dark parts, he was feeling empty, dark and was not accepting himself. This situation started changing when, after a lot of work, we were able to return his bright parts, and he once again started feeling fullness. This work was very hard and required a lot of energy. But it let me go a step higher in my understanding, I had to understand many deep things because only having understood them, I was able to give the person‘s bright parts the understanding about why they needed to go down to the earthly level and to the reborn body. The parts of his soul went down and harmony appeared, while the parts of the spirit remained high up there continuing the functions for which they got up there. The spiritual energy of a spiritually strong person stays and does things for the Universe‘s good, and the reborn soul gets a new spirit from God. The energy of a spiritually strong person doesn‘t remain. It‘s very important to not speed up these processes when walking the path of consciousness because sped up processes influence the ascension of our parts to plus levels and the separation from one‘s earthly Self. We should not ascend, but to grow with all of our parts, in this way, not losing the connection with ourselves and with Mother Earth. That‘s the only way to get to know the plus levels without losing the parts of one‘s soul, and using the received information productively, while living an earthly life, but one merged with the subtle levels. I often meet women and men who have lost their femininity or masculinity due to these reasons, as well as their essence, because in those levels there is no more masculine energy left, no more feminine energy, no more ego… Then the body with the parts that it has left suffers becomes weak or even gets sick. Thus, it is very important not to rise, but to grow – only in this way can a soul evolve while being full, which may only be done by walking on the physical world alongside the subtle world, without moving ahead with either of them.

In my work with people, I sometimes consult people with souls of angelic nature. As I mentioned in the previous articles, usually such people are very sensitive both emotionally and physically. That is because they have spent many of their past lives in angelic worlds, where vibrations are much higher than on the earthly plane. Angelic worlds start at +80 and continue up to the +140th level. What level angels live in depends on what choir of angels they belong to and what responsibilities they must follow. After the vibrations of the Universe changed in 2012, Father is guiding towards all angels going down to Earth, reborn as humans. Since many angels don’t really like going down from higher vibrations to lower ones down to the earthly zero level, in this process (attachment to high vibrations) certain distortions occur. One part of such angels is reborn a human, and another part stays in angelic worlds. Often the consequence of such rebirth without a part of one’s soul is being born with a physical or mental illness. The bodies of such kids develop with difficulty, they are often closed off from the earthly world and live two lives. One life – on Earth, and another one in the higher worlds – this kind of bipolarity often brings about states of schizophrenia. Such a person can be helped by canceling the programs that influence the soul’s not wanting to go down to earthly vibrations. When the programs are removed, parts of the soul are going down to the earthly vibrations, and harmony starts being restored.


The system is a public order and based on its ideologies the public is directed in a certain way. Many different systems, regimes, nations, empires, states, and kingdoms have already disappeared and each one of them has had their point of origin, their highest point of prosperity and the point of collapse. Each of the named systems is constituted of those values under the base of which the system itself has been formed, and, having cut its roots, every system is doomed to collapse. A structure that is at the highest stage of its prosperity reaches its paradise, but a common reason of its disappearance is that in order for the paradise to be maintained, core values are renounced, on which all the framework was built in the first place. A system that chases after paradise instead of values, gets distorted and disappears. At that moment when core values are exchanged for a better life, hell comes to the system that for every value offers the pleasure of dense energies, and, in this way, the system dies rotting from within. We see the liberal Europe of these days, where values are exchanged to freedom of choice and the consequences of all that are that the white race is getting older, smaller, and instead of it, people from Muslim or other eastern countries with strong core values are coming. Let‘s remember the empire of Rome, let‘s remember the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and we will see that alongside the walking of Christianity these systems started disappearing. By adopting Christianity, these systems lost their foundation and cut the connection with ancestors who are a part of our roots. The wish of Lithuanians for a better life, the wish to avoid wars led to the renunciation of heir roots which were pagan faith. The Jews, even though scattered around the world, being exterminated by genocide, still have not refused their foundation, thus they are not going to be extinct if they will stick to this position. The question of extinction of Lithuanians depends on restoring their core values because a nation that has forgotten its past will not have a future… Lithuanian language is one of the oldest languages in the world, which means that this nation is foundational to many other nations. Once Lithuanians would disappear, many other European nations would follow.

For seers:

These are the points for how to work with the material for seers:

1.       Ask your divine team to let go of the lifetimes that have to do with paradise and hell for automatic closure.

2.       Ask your DT to show the biggest pits of this life, the difficulties that you have gone through. After looking through the situations that have to do with those events, ask God the Father and Mother Earth to send you the necessary realizations to close those situations. Ask your DT to show what you had to learn from the difficulties that you experienced and whether you have learned everything. If you haven‘t learned everything, express an intention to learn what these challenges were sent fo.

3.       Ask your divine team to let go of the lifetimes where you felt really well for automatic closure. Ask for all your parts to be returned from these lifetimes, as well as your energy that has remained in those places at that time. Ask Father and Mother to send your returning parts the needed realizations for how they should take the right place in your being and how to perform the functions they need to perform.

4.       Ask your Divine team to let go of the lifetimes that have to do with the ancestors of your kin and the ancestors of your nation. Ask Mother Earth to restore the connections and channels with that that should be restored at the moment. Ask ancestors to send you the strength from your roots to fulfill your goals that are coming from your heart.

5.       Check if any situations have come up that have to do with your ancestors, your kin. If there are, close them one by one.

6.       Ask your DT to let go the situations that have to do with the public system for automatic closure.

By understanding our past, we can create a much better future. It‘s not pleasant to get into energies of hell and many avoid the topic, but by understanding the things that are described in this article, we can help ourselves, as well as those who are ready for help. Studying that what your heart guides you towards always bears good fruits.