Moments from a lecture 2017 03 19

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Moments from a lecture 2016 09 25

Moments 2016 09 10  from a lecture about responsibilities

Conscious men’s group meeting.

During the trip we were planning our further activities, shooting videos, working on solving everyday situations that are important for our development. We also visited and observed the different energies in Sacred places of Druskininkai, Lithuania.

A presentation on the book.

The House of Health and Improvement

In this day and age the lives of most people are filled with tension, rushing, disbalance. By seeing this, me and my wife decided to create the home of health and improvement “Towards feeling great” in one of the best resorts of Lithuania – Druskininkai. We created it for the purposes of helping people relax and break free from the tension that is making them feel trapped, for improving their health, for realizing the true causes of the processes that are happening in their lives, for realizing their purpose for being on earth, to find ways for people’s 100% self-realization, and foster authenticity. Our family’s vision is a conscious, prosperous community, and we try to add to that with our work.

You can find us in Druskininkai, Lithuania at Liepų str. 2a-150.

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