A person’s spine reflects the ground of her life. Having a narrow ground of life is reflected in health, and is especially often pronounced as sicknesses of the spine. If we want to achieve a lot in life, then the ground of life has to be wide and strong. The wider the ground, the more one can build on it.

A wide ground of life consists of:

  1. A career that is guided by one’s heart.
  2. Meaningful leisure time.
  3. Good relationships in the family.
  4. Cleansing karma.
  5. Faith, connection with God. Seeing and knowing how to work in subtle levels.
  6. Love for nature. Connection with the earth and the ability to receive necessary energies from nature.

Some people are very little affected by their narrow ground of life, but to some it can turn to a tragedy. Man come to earth to learn their lessons by walking that path of life. The greater is the being of a man, the greater deeds it is ready to do. A small entity may have come to earth to be a homeless person or a murderer, who spends half of his life in jail and is still in great health, but for a great entity such way of life would be disastrous, because before coming to life, she chose much greater goals, and the universe will push her into attaining them in all possible ways. The greater the chosen goals are, the more energy the Universe sends for accomplishing them. If the goals aren’t being acted upon, the main energy channel of a human being is tarnished, and thus becomes heavy because most of the energy received is not being used. Then the channel is bent (it manifests itself on the physical level as a pain in the back, rupture hernia), or the channel cuts off (in the physical level it’s manifested as breaks of the spine), or the channel is being is breaking up and energy goes out to other structures of the being (on the physical level this manifests as diseases of other organs). To not get the channel tarnished, one must purposefully distribute his energy to the 6 areas of life, which, as I mentioned constitute the wide ground of life.

Each of the six areas are very well seen on the subtle level, just as the life path that we’re walking (that our subtle body is walking). As I’ve mentioned in the previous articles, a human being has not only a physical body, but also a subtle body. All the illnesses, diseases, accidents that we experience happen primarily on the subtle level and land to the physical level only after some time, by attracting negative life situations. Seeing helps one see the problem and then remove it before it goes down into the physical level. I’ll illustrate with an example to make it easier to understand: a person is lacking in one area of the ground of life – meaningful free time. He works a lot and doesn’t have any time for himself, for his free time, and so in the subtle level the energy flow gets stuck. The energy channels are clogging up, clogs come up in the subtle body, e.g. in the subtle leg, then a negative situation is attracted to the physical body: a person, while walking on the street, slips and breaks his leg. Out of first sight, it seems like he broke the leg, because it was slippery or because he wasn’t careful, but the real reason for receiving this lesson was absence of free time. While the leg is healing, balance is being restored, because at that point one needs to inevitably dedicate more time to himself. Being sick and healing traumas is definitely not the nicest way to spend one’s time, thus it is important that all the six areas of life would develop purposefully and productively, thus using out the energy that’s received from the universe. Then the energy channels don’t get clogged up and more and more good things are created, while also avoiding the unpleasant situations. This is just an example, and the disorder of the flow of energy can manifest in all kinds of situations in the physical level – the one I mentioned is just one out of many possible options.

Career has to be a top priority, because, when walking on the path of life, we must constantly be evolving it. To have a Divine career (I call Divine that, which leads to improvement), it has to raise the person, develop him and help him grow – only in this way can one’s career be truly successful. In order to have a great and firm career, it must lead us and our environment toward improvement, thus it’s important to concentrate not on money or the wish to create a comfort zone with money, but to the wish to improve yourself and your environment. Money, homes, companies – these can’t be the main goal, they have to be a consequence of moving forward in the right way, as well as tools to further fulfill one’s main purpose – IMPROVEMENT. If a person’s purpose is only to create a comfort zone, he puts a block on his growth and energies that he receives from God, from the Universe, from his environment, thus not using his full potential. Where there is no energy, there is no creativity. If you’re pursuing a career, do it only from your heart, and our heart leads us to the betterment of ourselves and of society. For example, if you’re making food products for sale, make them as tasty, healthy and fresh as possible, and like that bring good to the consumers. Make only that, what you really want to make, create only that, which you feel to be meaningful and which you enjoy creating. Expand your work, without resting on your laurels. Only in this way will you charge yourself with the energy of success. The emotions you’ll create with determines the result you’ll have. Think and feel what you’ve been good at in life? What are you good at? Why are you good at it? And without waiting, start living all of your potential.

The size of one’s being according to their career:

  1. The first level of being is that of a very small being. These are the people in our society that tend to act like parasites – they usually don’t work anywhere and degrade their energies by wasting it off with intoxicants. Such people simply don’t want anything, and they’re not interested in what would lead them and their environment into improvement. These people may have chosen their free time over their career at some point in their lives, which caused huge perversions in their lives. This group of people also consists of those, who have focused the energy of their career to doing things that are harmful to society, e.g. stealing, cheating, drug businesses etc. Such creators may at times be making big money in dirty ways, because in past lives they walked the right path and became great beings, who have large energetic channels, and, the larger and wider their channels are, the more money one can make, the more they can create. Choosing a negative path narrows energetic channels, and, inevitably, even a great being becomes small.
  2. The second level of a being reflects a somewhat greater being. These are people who are unhappy with their job, life and blame the government, their employer or someone else for it… But only the person himself is responsible for his life, and throwing off the responsibility to someone else only makes it more difficult for him. Our decisions, choices and karma are that, what leads us to all kinds of life situations and to where we are now. Such people often live salary to salary, have financial problems and are being used by others as cheap labor. Such situations usually come about, because of the person’s fears to create new things, because of fears to leave their self-created comfort zones, because of fear to create with the heart. When a person isn’t creating with his heart, he can’t actualize himself as a person, he’s looking to others for examples, looking into others paths, by trying to find that of his own, but that only causes depreciation and turns them into a sheep.
  3. The third level of a being stands for a big being. These are people who love their job, people who create with their heart.
  4. The forth level of a being stands for a very big being. These are the people, who are guided by their heart and gain a lot of energy from the universe, with which they can create not only a job they love, but also create great workplaces for other people. People become like that when they’ve been creating with their heart for a long time, and, the more and the longer one listens to their heart, the more their energetic channels expand, through which they receive more and more energy, and thus create more.

Family must stand on the left in the subtle level. Left resembles strength. Strong relationships in the family help to stay on one’s path, these are like the anchors of life. Life is full of all kinds of challenges, and sometimes it’s not easy to overcome them, but when we go back to a strong family, we feel its support, calm and a leverage to life’s difficulties. Creating a family is one more opportunity to grow as a person. By accepting one’s responsibilities, as a member of a family, we again increase our motivation to create, to pursue a career, because now one caries a responsibility not only for oneself, but also for one’s family, which requires more than we require, when we’re by ourselves. The bounty that comes from having a strong family is immense.

Often times in families, the members of a family don’t perform their duties and are looking for flaws in one another, blaming, trying to change them. But it’s impossible to change others. One can only change by their free will. The base of a strong family is focusing on yourself. Think about it, what you should be like? What should you do different? To be the 100% best father you can be, the 100% best mother you can be, the 100% best daughter you can be, the 100% best son you can be, and with no delay, do your best to be that way – that’s the only way to have good relationships in your family. When we take on our responsibilities, we take up only our own place in the family. We’re trying to be as good as we can, and the members of our families are automatically changing for the better. The most important is, as I mentioned, to focus not on their responsibilities, but on those of our own.

The size of one‘s being according to family relationships:

Free time must stand on our right in the subtle level.

  1. The first level of being stands for a very small being. These are people who don’t take responsibility for their family and don’t accept it in their lives. And if they have kids, they usually leave them, sometimes even kill them as they’re born. Most of the time such people are also tiny in other areas of their lives, thus they can’t even take care of themselves.
  2. The second level of being stands for a somewhat greater being. These are people who think that it’s their responsibility to support their family.
  3. The third level of being stands for a great being. These are people who hold all family members equal to themselves. Father, mother, son and daughter are all equal, just everyone has their place in their family and no place is greater than the other.
  4. The fourth level of being stands for a huge being. These people are seers and can see the true cause of every problem that arises in the family, and knowing it, they can also eliminate it. Children’s revolt, cheating husband, children’s illnesses and other problems that are arising in the family are all a sign for you that you’re doing something wrong, and by purposefully changing yourself, you’ll also change the family situation. Even though sometimes it may seem unfair, and I hear that from the people I work with: “Why do I need to try, not the partner? I’m already doing a lot.” But such attitude does the relationships no good… Only by changing ourselves, can we change our life.

The right side in the subtle level reflects one’s freedom. A good and appropriate free time is necessary for each person. Career and family are as if we’re exercising different muscle groups, and free time is exactly what relaxes them. Divine free time is necessary to not burn out and to not be tense.  As I mentioned before, I hold Divine that, which leads to improvement, so free time has to be meaningful, too. If family is support from the left, then free time is support from the right. If these two supports don’t exist in a person’s life, then he quickly strays away from his main path and difficulties begin. When we’re following our heart, we grow. That’s how all the six areas of life expand and constitute a wide ground of life. If a small being is content with a free time that only gets them to forget everything and rest from their main activity in any way, the free time of a huge being has to be as meaningful as possible.

The size of one’s entity according to their free time:

  1. This is the first level of being that stands for a small being. These people during their free time tend to drink alcohol, use drugs or other types of intoxicants.
  2. The second level of being stands for a slightly bigger being. These people tend to spend their free time by playing video games, pointlessly watching TV or wasting away their precious time in other ways.
  3. The third level stands for a great being. These people try to spend their free time as meaningfully as possible, so they’d be improving even during their free time. Free time is often filled with sports, being in nature, improving themselves in seminars, reading meaningful books and watching meaningful films.
  4. The fourth level goes for a huge being. These people have a lot of energy and create a meaningful free time not only for themselves, but also for other people. These people are usually attracting many other people to them. They area leaders, organizers, motivators.

Knowing how to work in the subtle level reflects a person’s masterfulness. Such person knows the true causes of every consequence, and, knowing the causes, he can remove obstacles from his life, thus achieving even more. For someone to be able to work in the subtle level, he must first become a seer, a clairvoyant, and he can become such by going forward in the right way, as well as a teacher that sees well. Some people are seers since they’ve been born – that’s usually a consequence of strong spiritual advancement in one’s past life, thus their seeing has remained intact. But if we aren’t using our seeing, just like any other unused part of our body is decaying. Only with the help of seeing can we attain the most optimal results in the previously mentioned areas of life. Seeing is just a roadmap with the help of which we can take off blocks, disturbances that are stopping us from becoming a great being. This part of life must stand above us in the subtle level, and the more we improve in all the six areas of our lives, the more we grow and move in this direction. As we grow, to evolve and create even more God sends us necessary abilities, knowledge with which we can heal without medicines, avoid diseases, avoid misfortunes, realize why we’re here on earth, cleanse our karma, see how to reach our goals and many more things…

The size of a being by their ability to work on subtle levels:

  1. The first level goes for a small being. These are people who don’t acknowledge anything else besides the physical world. They think that the physical world is as they understand it and it can’t be any other way. These people put limitations and blocks on their own improvement, because our development depends on how we can realize and integrate new things into our lives.
  2. These are greater beings, who believe in God, believe that there’s something in the universe that’s greater than the physical body. But the evolvement of these beings has stopped because of blind faith in all kinds of dogmas, fanaticism or simply not doing anything to attain their goals, but just waiting when God gives them something and changes something. God gives us only as much as we’re ready to receive and as much as we deserve. Only by improving and creating good things, can we get more. When asking God for something, first consider if you deserve it. Without creating by ourselves, there is little to no good to ask. Only by creating with your heart will you receive the necessary opportunities to complete the work you should complete. A time comes in a person’s life, when he wants to continue improving. Then he has to trust not some scriptures he’s read or teachings from other people, but learn to hear himself, his own heart, learn to see and thus realize what truth is and what lie is. In other words, he goes from being a believer to being a seer.
  3. These are great beings who listen to their heart. These people feel energies, the flow in their body and outside it and see at least to some extent. They try to not stop improving by searching, trying out all kinds of spiritual practices, thus not stagnating in one place and finding what suits them best.
  4. These are huge beings who know how to work in subtle levels and thus turn their life in their desired direction. I call these people the masters of life.

Connection with the earth reflects stability. If we’re stable, it’s heart to distract us from our path. There are cases when people focus too much on spiritual matters: religions, sects, spiritual practices, because of which they go too much astray, which leads to fanaticism, disconnection from their physical life, which causes a great deal of problems. In these cases one’s subtle body gets up from the ground to higher vibrations and earthly problems don’t seem so important anymore, thus they’re just left alone without being solved… but all the negative aspects only show that we’re doing something wrong, and belittling them in this way attracts even greater problems. This person’s subtle body, that’s high above the ground still comes down at some point, and the longer and the higher it had gone, the more painful the landing. To not rise from the ground, one must use all of their spiritual practices and methods of improvement only for improving their physical life. If your health is bad, if your career is stagnant, if you’re not finding a life partner, it means the methods you’re using isn’t working for you. On the other hand, success in these aspects reflects that you’re firmly on the ground and are walking the right path. Those, who are high up can’t really create anything else apart from their illusory spirituality. Being lifted high above the ground can also be caused by dreams, visualization, excessive planning and certain types of meditations… When you’re thinking about something that you’re not able to accomplish at the moment, you lose a lot of energy that you could use to create something right now, the consequence of which is inability to create anything useful and big.

Love for nature, being in nature and nurturing it give people a lot of necessary energy for materializing their goals. With the help of seeing, we can take blocks away from our connection with the Earth and vastly improve our wellbeing, have more energy, speed up our processes of healing and create many more wonderful things.

The size of one’s being according to their connection with the Earth:

  1. This is a very small being. These are the people who don’t love the nature, who pollute and demolish it. Their understanding is so tiny that they don’t understand that by destroying nature they’re destroying themselves.
  2. These are couch potatoes. They rarely leave home, spend little time in the nature, do no sports and a small circle of the people surrounding them leads to an inability to realize oneself, and a strong self-realization means a good connection to the earth.
  3. These are the people who love nature, spend a lot of time in it, but don’t know how to purposefully direct the energy they receive from it. These are unable to use off all the energy in positive ways, thus they become negative.
  4. These are huge beings who love nature a lot. These people are seers, thus they can purposefully direct the energy they receive from nature to all the six areas of life. Knowing how to direct the energy, knowing how to remove blockages from the energetic channels and how to cleanse them, knowing how to expand them – all these provide a possibility to receive more energy from nature, and, with the energy, greater self-actualization.

Karma & its cleansing.

Karma is the consequence of our actions. Each of our actions has a reaction, sometimes the reaction unpleasantly surprises us in the present, even though it may have come from a long forgotten mast. As I mentioned, with the help of seeing one can see the causes of different consequences, and sometimes these causes are of past lifetimes. Why are you unlucky? Why are you sick? Why are you sad? Why do you feel a sense of pointlessness? Why you don’t have any money? These and many more questions are bothering a lot of people, and, when one sees the causes of these things, one can answer these questions. Once a person realizes and eliminates the reasons, he can completely change his life for the better. But the main purpose of seeing and of karmic cleansing isn’t problem solving – they’re used for avoiding problems.

 The size of one’s being according to karmic cleansing:

  1. People who consciously act very negatively and whose way of life is hurting others. Such people aren’t cleansing karma, but, on the other hand, collecting difficult lessons that they’ll receive for their actions. Usually, people go to this extreme, because they can’t find how to make money through positive means, and thus start doing it negatively.
  2. These are people who are drifting, without really doing anything for their improvement. The main of a human being coming to planet earth is IMPROVEMENT, if we stop doing it – problems are unavoidable. Mostly people end up in such a situation, because they create themselves some kind of a comfort zone that they don’t want to leave or are afraid of leaving, the consequence of which is stagnancy. There can’t be a stagnancy in any of the six areas of life, there always has to be a constant improvement – only in this way does the being grow, and so avoid karmic lessons.
  3. These are the people who try to live in the present by just doing the best they can every day, which creates a better future. These people don’t look back to the past too much, because each day is too busy and there’s no time to go back. Letting go of the past equals greater opportunities in the present.
  4. These are people who see, who constantly cleans their karma, thus avoiding the karmic lessons that sneak upon them. There are life situations from the past, of this and other lifetimes, that aren’t let go of easily, and are thus affecting thus negatively, so these situations have to be uprooted, seen and realized, only then can they be fully cleansed. Negative karma is like a big of rocks that we need to be dragging with ourselves for our whole life, and by cleansing it through understanding, with every closed situation we take one rock out of the stone and walking the path of life becomes easier and easier.

All of the six parts of life are very important, and an absence of one of them or stopping to improve in one of them slants the whole foundation of life, and the building of life, built on a slanted foundation, is also slanted… Each of the six areas come at a certain point in life, and whether the time for all of them has come, your hearts can tell the best.

Rokas Jarašius.