The elements of nature: air, fire, water, earth, metal and rocks. In this article I’ll explain how elements are reflected in our lives.

To have the element of air in balance in our lives, new winds have to be constantly blowing. New winds are new ideas, new people, new goals, new activities that are needed for improvement. To have new winds constantly blowing try to always be looking for ways to improve, to get out of your comfort zone. Eliminate all intoxicants, because they waste off your energy, and if you won’t have new energy, the universe won’t send you new possibilities.

Organs that are most related to the element of air: lungs, mouth, and nose.
The main sicknesses caused from imbalance in the element of air: lung diseases, stuffy nose, bad breath, bloating.

The element of fire determines one’s energy level, motivation. If the right winds are blowing, then they will kindle your fire and you’ll have more motivation and energy to achieve your life’s goals. Too big goals will simply extinguish your fire. With goals that aren’t chosen from your heart will be hardly burning. If the goals you set are too small, fire starts burning your body and health problems arise. The main way to create a wonderful fire in yourself is to move in your life while listening to your heart.

Organs most related to the element of fire: heart, stomach.
The main illnesses caused from a dysfunction of the element of fire: heart illnesses, increased stomach acidity, gastric ulcers, drying of the skin, liver diseases, and all kinds of burns.

The element of water stands for moving towards your purpose. If air is the idea and fire is the motivation to pursue it, then water stands for making the idea happen. When you get ideas, don’t put them off, act on them. Don’t stop yourself. Don’t let fears consume your success. Only by not stopping yourself, will you have a strong water element in yourself. Only once we have done what needed to be done, can new winds start blowing again. Without completing the ideas that our heart wants to complete, the coming of the new ideas will also be hindered. A lack of motivation in the different areas of life only freezes and rots person’s life, because an overabundance of the water element comes that the fire can no longer move.

Organs related to the element of fire: the bloodstream system, the nervous system, the intestinal system, the lymphatic system, the urinary system. Water constitutes about 70 percent of the human body and water all over are body, but the systems named best reflect the water element.
The main health problems caused by an imbalanced water element: constipation, enlargement of lymphatic nodes, blood-vessel cracking.

Air kindles the fire. The fire heats the water, which changes its structure and turns into steam. The steam turns into rain. Rain falls on the ground, and a plant grows out of the ground. All the results we achieve are of the earth element. Our results are like the plant that came out of the ground, and to grow and thrive, good weather conditions have to be present, in other words – to have the previously mentioned elements in balance.

Organs most related to the element of the earth: muscles.
The main illnesses caused by an imbalance of the earth element: usually these are sudden shocks that change a person’s life forever, or he perishes.

The knowledge received during the time of the process of all these different elements acting together constitute the element of metal and rocks. The more purposefully one is walking their path, the more useful the information that’s collected in the entity is, the better off is the element of metal and rocks, within oneself.

Organs most related to the element of metal and rocks: brain, bone marrow.
The essential illnesses that come from an imbalance in the element of metal and rocks: old age weak-mindedness, sclerosis.

To make it clearer how the elements determine one’s health, I’ll give a concrete example. An idea comes to a man to build a new house. This idea stands for the new winds, and the new winds, as you already know stand for the air element. This idea causes the person to flare up inside. This idea inspires him, he’s motivated to make it happen. This means that the winds have kindled the fire. The fire heats the water and makes the water move and change its structure. In actuality it’s reflected by the person going to look for information on who could build the house or how to do it by himself. Actions associated with building the house start happening – that’s the movement of the water element. After a while the foundation of the house is built, then the walls, and, eventually the whole house is built. The house then is the earth element. All the knowledge and experience that’s built up during the building stand for the element of metal and rocks. This knowledge can be used as a foundation for new projects to be able to grow and develop in that area. That is, new winds start blowing again, for example to create a construction firm. That idea fires comes up, and one starts looking for ways of making it happen, and then he makes it happen.

All of life consists of all kinds of activities and each activity has its own element. The elements of all the activities together constitute the elements of life and how these elements work is perfectly reflected in one’s body.

When working with people very often the balance of elements is tarnished by blocks and programs on the subtle level. Thus, life situations that are associated with that are being brought up. You notice when this blockage was set up and what reasons caused it to be. By realizing the reasons, the block goes away. For example, if a person has a lot of blocks in the air element, he won’t get realizations and ideas for new activities. But by taking the blockages off, a fountain of ideas starts bursting. The same is with other elements. If blocks are present there, it means that specific stage of an activity will be stuck.
The guidelines for seers to improve the working of their elements:

  • Before starting the work, ask Father to put up the necessary protections and filters.
  • Ask your Divine team to put all the risen situations to divine quarantine.
  • Ask the mind and logic to take that place in your being, in which you must they must currently be. Ask Father and Mother Earth to cancel out all the programs that have been put onto you. Also, put out the intention to be conditionless to the answers you receive.
  • Ask Father and Mother Earth to send you the necessary realizations for fixing the work with elements 100% of what’s needed for the moment.
  • Ask your Divine team to let go of the situations that have to do with elements and that need to be close right now for automatic closure.
    Sometimes these situations don’t need to be seen and they can be closed in an automatic fashion, and at other times they must be viewed and realized, because otherwise they don’t close and have a negative effect.
  • Ask to show how many situations that have to do with elements and that need to be closed, arose. Ask your Divine team to put all the risen up situations to divine quarantine and leave only that situation that needs to be closed first.
    After the automatic closure often times all kinds of situations arise from the depth of our being, that need to be viewed and realized, in order to have them close. Take the arisen situations one by one and realize them, until your heart shows that they’ve fully closed.
  • After all the arisen and closed elemental situations, ask your Divine team (DT), what percentage of each element is acting in your being. If it’s shown that some element hasn’t restored 100%, then ask your DT what needs to be realized or done to have the element working 100% as much as it needs to work at this moment, and keep realizing, until your heart shows that all the elements are operating at 100% of what they should be at this point.


One needs to check how the elements work in their being once in a while, whether it’s working 100% and if it’s not, restore it in the way just described. Because sometimes we lose balance on our path of life, which means that our elements get imbalanced too. Also, we grow, change, improve, and so, time new things come up in our elements, that need fixed so that our improvement and moving forward would be as optimal as possible.

Rokas Jarašius.