Project Earth is a creation of the Father, in which souls could come and improve through negative lessons, which has never happened in the Universe before. The Father is an entity mentioned in most of the world’s religions: in Christianity it is God the Father, in Islam – Allah, in Paganism – God of thunder, in Greek mythology – Zeus, in Egyptian civilization – Sun God Ra, in Judaism – Yahweh etc. It’s the same entity that people would name different names. The entities that live on earth have already learnt what negative experience is, so the energies on this planet are strongly changing, so it’s much easier to create positive things, and creating with negative energies is becoming more and more difficult.

At a certain stage of evolution of the souls, the soul split itself in half, so that it could improve more by collecting more experience, and, when time comes and many centuries have passed, to meet again and share the collected experience. After this splitting of the souls followed the next stage – souls started splitting even more, no longer in half, but in smaller parts in order to collect even more experience by living several lives at once. For example, there’s 70% of Andrew’s soul in his being, and the rest 30% is shared over many other beings over 1 percent, 2 percent, half a percent, in order to collect more experience. But the parts of ourselves that are in other people and their parts in us create undivine entity channels between the beings, by which the beings are burdened, because if, say Andrew is very negative and parts of him are inside me, I’ll also be feeling somewhat negative, which would burden my improvement. It is all because according to the old vibrations of the Earth any kind of experience would lead to improvement, but this stage is over. The new energies that have come on earth show that improvement doesn’t happen through negativity anymore, thus beings need to restore parts of their soul in order for the entity to grow bigger and bigger and could live out the goals set by the heart. Such goals lead only to a positive experience. In this case, divine halves shouldn’t connect, because by the souls splitting in half, they became separate beings with their own hearts, spirits, highest ones and their body… The Divine halves need to come together only if their hearts want to. Some people ask God to send divine halves to their lives, but their asking isn’t correct. Since the person that’s sent to your life can be completely unsuitable and unattractive for you. They can be much older, not your type, of the same sex, or even dead, which would make finding the right partner quite difficult.

At a certain point of the evolution of the souls, souls decided to create a new project. The new project is, before coming to the Earth, to create their copy, a soul twin – just one being is born as a man, the other one as a woman. Such a project was created in order that one could see how almost identical souls improve when they’re of the masculine and of the feminine gender.

THE PRIMAL SOURCE is a place, an energy in the Universe that all the universe was born from.



  1. Father and mother Earth, please help me find the exact partner that my heart needs.
    Such a relationship and the evolvement in them will be the greatest.
  2. Please return to me all of my parts, all of my energy from all the entities, all the lives and all the structures in full scope, as much as I need right now in my being.

The energy and parts that return to you in this way will provide you with a greater possibility to unveil and realize yourself. There will be less negative channels through which negative energy is being sent.

The first souls that were created from the primal source are the creators of spiritual families. The primary souls were improving and growing, and they could create other souls. Then, the created souls reached a certain stage of improvement could create still other souls etc. This whole chain of souls, from the primary source to the last soul created constitute a spiritual family with spiritual brothers, sisters, spiritual parents, that are also called creators. Each soul created from the primary source created its own spiritual family.

In the chapter “True spirituality (Part 2)” I have written about some of the parts of a person’s being and their functions, so I won’t elaborate too much about it here. I’ll simply share where the primary parts of our being came from: the SOUL, as I mentioned, is created by a creator, or if it’s a creator of a spiritual family, then – from the primal source. Souls live many lives and are reborn with the parts mentioned below somewhat different.
SPIRIT is created and given by the Father, the creator and protector of Earth. The Spirit is given only for this lifetime.
The HIGHEST ONES are also given by the Father. The amount of them in an entity depends upon its improvement. The more we improve, the more of the highest ones father sends to us on the path of our lives, so that we could create more. They are given only for this lifetime.
THE SPIRITUAL HEART is a tiny piece of the primary source. With the help of Father it is given to a person so that he can improve to the largest degree by following his heart. By following his heart, a person can make the most optimal decisions by the energies present in the universe at that time. That is because through the heart he receives direct information from the primary source, which contains the information of the whole universe.
THE PHYSICAL BODY is created by the Mother.
MIND, LOGIC AND SUBCONSCIOUS are all created and given by both Father and Mother combined. These are also given only for this lifetime.

All the information shared here is received through my inner seeing. By restoring their inner seeing and starting to cleanse one’s karma people also start seeing these processes that have at some point occurred in the universe.

Rokas Jarašius.