The universe, the world, the earth, the continents, the countries, the regions and the animal and plant kingdoms inside them are very diverse – full of colors, smells and tastes… Even though human senses say quite a bit, but far from everything. That’s how creation works – some entities see better, others hear better, and the abilities of others are even more developed. Science has found that the hearing frequency of a cat is 10 Hz to 80000 Hz, and that of a human is only 16 Hz to 20000 Hz, the sense of smell of a dog is 11500 times better developed than that of a human, but they see without colors and only in 28 meter (~100 feet) distance.

All entities develop exactly that which they need – that’s perfectly shown the adaptation that happens in nature. With people it’s the same – some are more sensitive to sound, others – to flavor, if a person works in a factory, where the sound is huge, his hearing adjusts and he hears worse, because it disturbs his work. If he doesn’t work out, moves little and works, say, only on his laptop, his body gets a signal that it’s not needed for the person, starts wilting, and that strongly affects the person’s life. Many have heard about people, who see, hear and feel more than most people would deem usual. They see future, past lives, causes of consequences and find solutions out of the most difficult situations in seemingly incomprehensible ways.

Just like parts of our body, these abilities atrophy and disappear if they’re not used, and most people have refused them for many lifetimes. If a person has a preconceived notion that there’s nothing beyond the physical world, and that’s the final truth, then he puts a blockage on himself and on knowing the universe, and, at the same time, on deeper seeing. He puts himself to a limited frame that hinders his growth and improvement. A fear to see what’s beyond the physical (spirits, ghosts, demons or other entities of the subtle realm) is also a blockage. Because of blockages and stereotypes the seeing doesn’t develop, but if we don’t see, it doesn’t mean we’re unaffected.

There are lighter and darker entities, in other words, of higher and lower vibrations. The lighter a being is, the more it’s oriented towards positivity. The darker it is, the more it’s oriented towards negativity. People often condemn darker entities such as Devil, Demon, Anunnaki etc. For this, they possess the person and negatively affect him. There’s nothing in the world that happens without a reason. Everything has a cause and a meaning. Every person came to earth to study and each decides by himself how to study – through positivity or through negativity. If a person is learning through positivity, universe helps him to move forward. If he decides to study through negativity, then the person’s vibrations fall and he creates a field of low vibrations around him, which is the right environment for dark entities, which can easily affect people. In high vibrations there’s nothing for them to do, because one of their functions is to make the person think about their actions, because they lead towards darkness. A person who’s of high vibrations and who’s a seer is unaffectable. But we can’t say that the lighter entities are better than the darker ones, because each of them has their own function, and all of them exist, because the universe needs them. The universe grows and brightens, we’re a part of it, and thus, if we cease growing, it shows it to us. The higher vibration entities serve us as an example that we can learn a lot from. The dark ones show us that it’s not nice in the darkness. If people grow more positive, then the low vibration entities are also growing brighter, because by being so dark they’re not needed. The changing of their vibrations depends on the changing of our vibrations, because only with love and light can we create an even greater love and light.

HOUSE SPIRITS – these are entities that live at our home. House spirits are relatively high vibrational beings. One of their functions is to help us. People aren’t perfect and they often experience negative situations at home, such as quarrels, some sort of disagreements, control etc. These negative situations exude negative energy that often lurks at our homes even when the quarrel is over and the situation has finished. House spirits have the ability to clean it. Our thoughts create words, actions, and our words and actions create life. But we don’t necessarily have to act out the thought physically for it to materialize. Often our thoughts materialize even without the help of our actions and words. That happens often if people grow and try to go towards the light, thus increasing their abilities. Therefore we must be very responsible for our thoughts. House spirits help us deal with that, which we unconsciously create with our thoughts in the subtle level. And if we don’t fix what we need to fix, it can often have a strong negative effect on our environment. Not always do house spirits live in our homes, not always to they perform their functions as they should. Sometimes we have refused them, at other times they simply can’t perform their duties for other reasons. Only with seeing can we clarify that, and, when we clarify it, house spirits will start to stay at our homes and help maintain harmony in them.

Many of us have heard about spirits that haven’t left, who are roaming around somewhere, haunting people or disturbing someone’s life in some other way. The souls that don’t leave are those that don’t understand something. Lost spirits are stuck on their way, just as alive people are sometimes. Diseases, misfortunes and more can come their way… This happens, because they don’t understand something, and thus difficulties arise in their path, so they can’t leave. A seer can see the causes, why it’s difficult for him to move forward and how to eliminate obstacles. And someone who’s been working with it longer can help others, including lost souls.

There’s a multitude of entities living on earth. I mentioned a few that most often come up when working with people. All of them are needed, because there is nothing in this world that’s not needed. If we’re affected negatively by it that means the cause lies inside us. I love everyone: both Gods and Demons, because by loving them I love myself. We all have positivity and negativity in ourselves, but by moving towards the light, towards the positivity, life becomes much nicer and we’re growing with the universe, which is so wonderful to feel. We’re all related and only with love and light can we enlighten the darker ones, just as we’re enlightened by the brighter ones.

Rokas Jarašius.