In the first part of “Karma & its cleansing” I wrote about how to go towards karmic cleansing and gave a general understanding of karma. In this part I’ll explain how the work itself goes and how the situations are closed.

Life consists of all kinds of situations, and in some situations the laws of the universe may have been broken, and, because of that, karmic lessons are received. Realizing these situations can help avoid a lot of painful life lessons, the reasons of which are often times lurking in past lives.

To be able to purposefully close situations, one must firstly restore one’s connection with their divine team – their soul, spirit, heart and the highest ones (you’ll learn more about the parts of the divine team in chapters “True spirituality and the formula of success II” and “FATHER, DIVINE HALVES, SOUL TWINS, CREATORS, PRIMAL SOURCE”). For some time I thought that in this chapter I’ll share information on how to restore seeing and connection with your Divine team by yourself. But at this point, according to the energies present on earth at this point, that is impossible to do. So I can offer my help, working live or online, where I’d help you restore seeing and connection with DT (Divine team), and the information that’s in the article will help to work personally for the ones, who have already restored their inner seeing.

Some are seers since birth. That depends on whether they’ve been seers in the past lifetime or not. Many people need help to restore their seeing, because in the past lifetime or even in multiple past lifetimes for some reasons it wasn’t being used and, so it’s dissipated, atrophied and blocked. And even many people who are seers from birth often push away this God given gift, because they simply don’t know how to use it in life. My goal is for as many people who are ready to see as possible to learn to use their inner seeing, because this ability can be used not only for karmic cleansing or to avoid painful lessons, but also to better one’s relationships, health, self-actualization, career, business, and receive answers to many of the life’s questions.

Closing situations, when in touch with DK:

  1. Ask Father and Mother Earth to restore connections and channel between you and them to such as they have to be at this point in time.
    This request is needed in order to restore the channels with them, because you’ll receive very much needed insights, as well as needed energies to close situations, from Father and from Earth. Very often these channels get canceled, broken or blocked by certain forces, or even ourselves, and this request helps to restore them to some extent.
  2. Ask Father to put up necessary protections and filters.
    Protections are necessary so that, when closing a situation on the subtle level, the astral beings or other forces would interrupt as little as possible. Filters are needed so that you’d get cleaner and more purposeful information for closing the situation.
  3. Ask your DT to put all the situations that are now risen to divine quarantine and leave only that situation and leave only that situation that needs to be closed now.
    If few situations have risen all at once, then they’re crisscrossing and mixing up with one another, which make closing the situations more difficult. The arisen situation is that, which is already affecting our physical body. So that the situations don’t crisscross, we need to put them to divine quarantine, it’s like a safe or a locker to put the situations for a while so that they don’t interrupt with closing the one that needs to be closed first.
  4. Ask mind and logic to take the necessary place, where it has to be right now in your being. Ask Father and Mother Earth to cancel all the programs that have been put on you as much as it’s needed to cancel at this point. Also put out the intention to be conditionless to the answers received.
    One needs to understand the arisen situations not through the mind, but through the insights receive d from Father and Mother. Often, especially for the people who’ve spent most of their lives guided by their minds, the mind interferes with receiving purposeful information. Thus, such request will ease the closing of the situation. In no way can one ask to turn the mind off, because then it may not come back on. That, of course is the worst case scenario, but even with better scenarios, afflictions will occur, even if they won’t immediately be felt in the physical level. The mind is given to us for a reason, thus it simply has to take its place and do there what it has to do. In the mind there’s a lot of society’s programs of what’s right and what’s wrong, how to behave and how not to behave, what’s lie and what’s truth, what’s good and what’s evil. By putting in place such programs, people can easily be manipulated by all kinds of forces. Such programs interfere with hearing one’s own heart’s voice and accepting new necessary information. Only our hearts know best that which we truly need. Also sometimes certain parts of the being are scared of what insights will be shown, what path the heart will choose etc. And by not being conditionless they pervert those or block answers, thus the outspoken intention to be conditionless to the answers received will reduce these perversions and blockages.
  5. Ask Father and Mother Earth to send you necessary insights to close a situation 100%.
    Each arisen situation has to be closed fully, 100%, otherwise negativeness will pour out of it and harm you. Some situations are simply impossible to close with your own knowledge, so one asks Father and Mother Earth to give the necessary insights for closing the situation. Then the parts of our Divine team receive necessary insights to close the situation, and, when asked, it is shown. Also, in this way, the necessary answers are received along the path of improvement.
  6. Ask your DT to show the essence of the situation being closed – what needs to be realized in it.
    By asking to show the essence of the situation, time is saved up, because if we were to watch every episode of the past life situation, then no time will be left to live this life. Often times there are lots and lots of lifetimes lived, thus when closing situations, one is only concerned with what’s influencing the present that needs to be improved.
  7. Closing a situation.
    After each insight realized, ask your team what percentage of the situation is closed, and continue closing it until it says 100%. When DT shows that it’s 100%, then check again if the situation has fully closed, by asking your heart, because if one’s heart is cleansed from all the other energies, it never lies, and gives the most optimal answers for our improvement. A cleansed heart is the cleanest energy, but often there are other parts of the being enmeshed in it, that may distort or stifle the answer that’s given by one’s heart. Cleansing of the heart is a very important part before starting to work with deeper situations. Only once the heart has given the answer that a situation has fully closed, you can let it go, it’s closed. If you feel that a situation hasn’t closed yet, then put it into quarantine and I’ll be glad to help and tell you what’s missing.


When closing situations, it often occurs that we need to cancel out contracts. These contracts are usually agreed upon on the subtle level and many people at the physical level have no idea they exist, but they have an effect, and every negative effect, too. Thus, these contracts must be canceled out. Contracts are usually agreed upon between people and the dark forces. Contracts are of these three types: hand shake, hug and blood. According to the strength, the strongest one is blood contract, it is written by blood. But, when seeing is present, no contracts should pose problems. Let me give you a couple of examples to clarify what contracts can be like.

The first example is a contract between human beings: two beings, before coming to life agree upon the contract that they’ll be hurting each other, and in this way learn through negative experience. People who have this type of contract would probably experience a lot of conflicts. Thus, in this situation, to cancel the contract, the being must realize that it should learn not through negative lessons, but through creation with her heart. By realizing the contract and deciding to act like this 100%, we need to ask our DT to cancel the contract. Without realizing the contract, it can’t be canceled.

Another example is a contract between a human being and dark forces: that is a contract that’s been agreed upon in the subtle level during this lifetime through some life situation, where a wrong decision was made. On the physical level one stole from another and in the subtle level signed a contract with the devil that the devil will provide non-divine methods to get what one wants, but for that will take half of the energy of improvement. To cancel this agreement one must apologize to the one he stole from and to himself for such behavior. To realize that one can’t take something that’s not his to be his and to get what he wants he has to be ready for it and pursue it in divine ways, that is, in ways that lead the being to improving. Then send an energetic compensation to the person that has been stolen from. Such a contract interferes with the person’s 100% realization, and canceling the contract doubles the opportunities. When going to all kinds of business or other meetings, it’s very useful to see if you have any contracts with the people who will be present, and if seeing any, to cancel them. One contract can ruin the whole cooperation. The contracts from past lives are also still valid and many of us have written many of all kinds of contracts.

I shared some information about closing situations that’s necessary when working with seeing. As one improves, the information changes, but there’s no need to get scared of that. Simply allow yourself to accept new information and your improvement will continue smoothly.

Rokas Jarašius.