Learn how a car crash led Rokas to develop his inner seeing (clairvoyance), go on to heal a multitude of his own illnesses and help hundreds of people to heal and to create lives of prosperity and balance.

My whole life I was very active and lively. I think that this is the quality that has helped me in life’s challenging situations the most. Thanks to my abundance of energy, in the first grade I was already nominated in the greatest student’s contest.

Later, having directed my exuberance into sports, I was winning at many competitions in Lithuania and there were many times I was on podiums in nationwide competitions. I’d often participate in various yearly events, such as reciters’ contests as well as hosting different events. I was even elected as the president of the school.

Even though I was engaged in all kinds of activities, sometimes I still couldn’t control all of my energy, which would end up with talking to police officers, although I never ended up being convicted.

There came a time in my life, when being energetic alone wasn’t cutting it… On November 15, 2010 while driving with friends we got into an accident. Out of the five friends 3 survived, and out of the survivors 2 of us were left completely disabled.

After the accident I woke up in the reception of the clinics. I saw my parents standing besicde me. They were trying to get me talking, so I wouldn’t lose consciousness again, because, if that happened, I probably wouldn’t have woken up again.

The doctors didn’t give a single percent that I’d survive. Their behavior clearly indicated that I was “left in the corner to die”, as my parents put it. For about a week more the doctors weren’t increasing my chance of survival, because almost all of my neck vertebrae were shattered, even the ones responsible for breathing. It felt strange to me at that time, how they’re not giving me food for so long…

Rokas Jarašius

Of course, the few weeks I spent in the revival clinics felt like hell on Earth. I wasn’t able to control my body at all. I couldn’t speak. And the breathing was so weak that even with the breathing machine I could suffocate at any time because I’d simply forget how to breathe.

I remember a time in my life when, as I was lying in the revival clinics, my mom visited. She had a tiny paper in her hands, on which was a prayer, written by my pastor uncle George. When my mom read it to me, I felt something new reawakening inside me.

I remembered my childhood, when as a kid, I’d take a bike to the graveyard of the town to catch the lizards that live in the fences. And there I’d feel and see the silhouettes of souls who haven’t left. I remembered how, in the primary grades, I’d go to the church to serve the priest, and I’d talk to God with my thoughts and receive all the needed answers from him. I remembered, when, back then, as a trouble would come I’d ask God for help and he’d always help me.

I remembered a time when I moved away from God and god lost in physical things. I remembered, when, starting to learn and become a masseuse I started going toward the spiritual world, and often I’d get thoughts, that something bad will happen to my health and only then I’ll be able to create many meaningful things in my life. I didn’t know how to deal with them back then, so I’d simply push them aside as meaningless thoughts.

I remembered, how the night before the car crash happened my parents have been watching TV that showed an anti-commercial for speeding, where a young guy in a wheelchair was talking, and mom was saying, strangely worried, “Rokas, don’t go anywhere because that will happen to you…”

My health started improving rapidly. I was moved from the revival clinics to the ward, and later to the rehabilitation hospital. I spent a long time there simply laying. Sports was very different from rehabilitation, maybe except for fighting sports. When I started learning how to sit again, I’d lose consciousness for many times over, because the organism had experienced a big shock and it was too much for the body to handle.

When I got back home, I was full of optimism and home that I’d rise from the wheelchair soon. I’d try to sit in the wheelchair as long as possible. I’d train a lot, which sometimes would end in a weakening of my body and in worsened results.

After half a year, I once again went away to the rehabilitation clinics for 24 days, full of motivation and willingness to gain knowledge on how to keep recovering. But instead of knowledge and strengthening, during catheterizing, I caught an infection of my urinary bladder.

Thereafter my health has gone really bad and I spent the whole time of rehabilitation in bed. That infection would cause terrible pains and lived in me for one and a half years. When I’d take some antibiotics, it would settle, but after a week it would return in an even stronger form, and the previous antibiotics wouldn’t work anymore and I needed ever stronger medicine. That continued until there were no antibiotics that could affect the infection left.

In the clinics, I was offered a surgery of adding a direct tube from the bladder, but however badly it hurt, however badly I felt, within I heard a clear NO, and I didn’t do it. I was often meeting doctors, because of all kinds of illnesses I had, and I was told it’s completely normal since I’ve had such trauma and I’m completely disabled, there’s no point to try and no possibilities to help me in any way.

Such situations would keep pushing me to seek ways out. I started learning about all kinds of spiritual practices. Before the accident, I was also aware of them, because while being a masseuse I’ve worked with people’s energies, but after the accident my awareness and how I saw life changed dramatically. As I was going more deeply into myself, I’d start seeing the true causes of things, and in that way I’ve healed all of my illnesses, except one, the disability itself. However, I understood why it stayed with me and why it’s still helpful.

One hot summer day, while I was training with a kinesiotherapist I felt strong pains in my heart area. These pains continued for a few hours and we went to the hospital. While we were there, the doctor listened to my heart with the stethoscope and told me he was hearing heart palpitations, but, having done the cardiogram, he didn’t see anything. Then he listened again and still heard the heart palpitations. That’s how the trip to the hospital was over. I was no longer tested and was sent home and told to have some mineral water.

When back home I was very concerned because the pain wasn’t decreasing. Then I asked myself a question – why is this happening? Why does it hurt? And I saw the image of the blood fluidifying medicine. I’ve stopped using this medicine a month ago and I was taking a different type because the doctor had told me to make the switch. I took the medicine that I saw in the vision and drank them. The pain started decreasing and eventually disappeared. That’s was the first time I’ve solved a life situation through inner seeing. If I haven’t had the medicine, the blood would have probably clotted and the blood vessels would have probably clogged up. Once again, death was very dear.

Once again, death was very near. Later, with the help of inner seeing, I closed 15 situations from past lives, thus healing my urinary bladder. Also, by closing certain situations, having seen the real causes of the effects, I’ve fixed with blood pressure, that was very low after the trauma, the breathing, the intestines, constantly hurting quinsy, blood coagulation, urination, cold shivers, insomnia…

I used to drink heaps of medicine daily, but, after starting to work with my inner seeing, I’m medicine free for 4 years now. When I do prophylactic tests, the doctors are surprised, because the tests are amazingly good. My family doctor says, it’s unbelievable that they’re the same as when I used to be a jock…

People started asking me for advice more and more often, and I started sharing my knowledge and helping others to develop their own inner seeing. I started using my psychic abilities not only for health but also for relationships. The abilities were me turning from a powerless disabled person lying in bed to a highly successful person.

I’ve found the woman of my life – my wife Rita. I’m a speaker, mentor and I work with people daily, helping them to solve their problems and achieve their goals. With the help of my inner seeing, I’ve consolidated a club of the disabled and healthy people called ERZON, with which we’ve made an exemplifying product in Lithuania. I’ve created a blog in Lithuanian called “Seers”, the goal of which is to share needed information on the topic of improvement.

Me and my wife have opened a health and improvement space in a Lithuanian resort, Druskininkai, which in English would sound something along the lines of  “Towards feeling great”. I work with all kinds of investments online. Also, at the moment, I and my team are working on 2 international business projects. And all of this happened in only 4 years.

I still remember the most challenging situation of my life being in the revival clinics, I found out that my mother had a malignant breast cancer. At this moment, my mom is completely changed, she has a business and is creating by using her inner seeing. Remembering my toughest moment, I understand that my life got infinitely better when the help of God and inner seeing. And that I must teach it to others. That’s how lives change. That’s how the world changes for the better.